Kratom Guide

  1. How to Drink Kratom: The Best Way to Take Kratom?

    New to kratom and unsure how to take it? If you've already done some research, you know that drinking kratom is a popular method among kratom users. For many, that's the best way of taking powdered kratom, especially if you're not a fan of its bitter taste.

    But there's more than one way to drink kratom. There's also the case of calculating the correct dosage size. You can't simply throw a bunch of kratom powder into your orange juice. It's unsafe, as too much kratom can cause some pretty unpleasant side effects.

    So, to ensure you avoid any kratom-related unpleasantries and get the most out of your kratom experience, we've prepared the following guide on how to drink kratom, its benefits, potential drawbacks, and methods.

    Why Drink Kratom?

    Native to Southeast Asia, kratom has been used for centuries by locals who either chewed on kratom leaves or crushed them into powder. Times have changed, though. Now, kratom has

  2. What Does a Kratom High Feel Like?

    What Does a Kratom High Feel Like?

    Although it's becoming increasingly popular in the United States and all around the world, kratom is still shrouded with an aura of mystery, especially when it comes to its effects, the "kratom high," and the way it interacts with our minds and bodies. There are many conflicting opinions regarding the effects of kratom, with many people inaccurately comparing it to other psychoactive substances, which can stigmatize the use of kratom and prevent the plant from being used in the intended way.

    While it is true that taking kratom at overly high doses and too frequently can lead its users to develop a habit, it should be made clear that intoxication isn't really the main selling point of kratom -- at its best, it is a dietary supplement that helps users substitute other substances, such as coffee, get over certain addictions, and improve their lifestyles in general. With that said, a "kratom high" is a real thing,

  3. How to Read Kratom Lab Test Reports Like an Expert

    As Kratom continues to gain popularity among the masses, a variety of brands are now selling it in various forms. With so many options available, it's crucial to avoid purchasing Kratom that is expired, adulterated, or contaminated! You can tell if you are buying a quality product from a reliable and trustworthy vendor by looking to see if a company’s product has been lab-tested.

    If you have ever purchased a Kratom product from a website, you might have come across labels reading “Third-Party Lab tested”. It is great to see selling high-quality Kratom becoming a standard in the industry, but what exactly is Kratom being tested for? What do the test results indicate, and how are these results important to you? Keep reading to find out!

    What Exactly is Kratom Lab Testing? 

    Kratom lab testing is the process by which vendors and manufacturers analyze their powders, capsu

  4. Why Cheap Kratom isn’t Worth it

    Together with the popularity of the plant, the Kratom community has expanded significantly. More consumers who are unfamiliar with the industry result from this. Most people start looking around for Kratom products that are the cheapest.


    Unfortunately, some consumers are unaware that low prices come at extra expense to themselves.  But you can't really blame them. Nobody has bothered to provide an explanation. So, regrettably, they learn things the hard way. However, we don’t like to see customers duped by low-quality Kratom vendors. These negative incidents paint Kratom in a negative light. Then you hear complaints about the plant. Today, we'll discuss some risks a consumer runs when selecting Kratom products solely on the basis of price.

    Appeal of Buying Cheap Kratom

    Who doesn't enjoy making savings? Numerous studies support the idea that people have a psychological n

  5. Kratom in California– Legal Laws & Places To Buy

    California is the third biggest state Of The US by land and is the most populous republic. California freely welcomes herbal medicines for their efficacy in many homeopathic remedies. This golden bear state was the first to permit medical marijuana use. 

    But the legality of Kratom in California is a bit different. This is due to the matter that this substance’s ban in Cali is confusing at times. Mitagyna speciosa is a popular herbal supplement for its various health advantages, like increasing focus and energy, acting as a stimulant, and relieving discomfort and restlessness. 

    Those who are natives of California and want to sell, buy or even try this verdant leaf may have heard varying statements regarding its ban and permissibility. Both the supporters and opponents of this plant are working hard on its issue of legitimacy. 

    We a

  6. How To Make Kratom Honey Balls: A Step By Step Guide

  7. What Is Red Horn Kratom Powder?

    Did you come across the red horn kratom benefits too? When we first heard about it, we, too, put our foot down. But before we dive into the topic, you should know a few things. That is why we will take you from the start so that you do not miss out on any detail.

    Red Horn is a popular strain in the Kratom family. This plant, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia and is native to Borneo Island and Thailand. It is an all-natural herb that acts as a stimulant, making users feel more energetic, stimulated, and positive. The edge and sharpness of its leaves set this well-rounded strain apart from other strains, and its abundance attracts Kratom users. Red Horn Kratom has a high alkaloid profile and delivers an exceptional experience to enthusiasts.

    What Is Red Horn Kratom?

    Red Horn Kratom is a cross between Maeng Da and other red vein strains. It has the typical shapes and colors associated

  8. What Is Green Horn Kratom Powder?

    Do you have any idea what green-horned kratom is? Well, if not, don’t worry; we have got your back! Today, In this article, we'll look at the benefits of this enigmatic kratom strain.

    Green Horn Kratom is highly sought-after as an uncommon strain, even though red and white kratom strains are very well-liked among users. It's one of the most uncommon strains that can be purchased.

    The Green Horned strain of kratom is distinct from the others. The name Green Horned Kratom is derived from the spiky shape of its leaves.

    The moderate-strength strain of Green Horn Kratom is renowned for being able to be used in higher doses throughout the day.

    If you're ready to learn about greenhorn kratom, let's crack on!

    What is Green Horn Kratom?

    Before we move on to Green Horn Kratom, let's clarify what kratom is. The Mitragyna speciosa plant, also known as kratom, is a native of Southeast Asian nations a

  9. What Is Horned Kratom?

    Even the shape of the Horned Kratom will be enough to excite you! This rare kratom species, which only grows on Indonesia's Borneo Island, has gathered all the bells and whistles of the kratom community with its exceptional aroma and appearance.

    However, apart from Authentic Kratom, many providers sell this unique strain type which is very costly because this plant is located on only one island and therefore elusive and difficult to reach.

    There are three distinct types of kratom strains that can be distinguished by their color, all strains of Horned Kratom have high stimulating concentrations which are very potent in nature.

    Let’s explore more about this impressive horned kratom. Keep scrolling!

    Origins of Horned Kratom

    The name c

  10. What Is Red Sumatra Kratom Powder?

    All Kratom strains are essentially the product of the same plant, the magical plant called Mitragyna Speciosa!

    However, a number of factors, such as the region where this plant grows, the harvesting process, and the color of the vein, cause changes in the properties of the Kratom product that reaches the user.

    Some Kratom strains are interconnected with each other. Others are completely original, unusual, and have features that no other strain possesses. Red Sumatra Kratom powder stands out with its potency and it is quite striking. This plant grows on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. So, in what ways does this region nourish this Kratom species' properties? Let's see together!

    What Is the Origin of Red Sumatra Kratom Powder?

    50 million people live on Sumatra Island, the world's largest inhabited island, and its residents, farmers, have been consuming Sumatra for

  11. What Is White Sumatra Kratom?

    Sumatra has dense rainforests with rich and fertile soil– perfect conditions for growing top-notch Kratom.

    White Sumatra Kratom is a distinguished strain that is rich in alkaloids and blesses users with mild effects. While it has a lot in common with many types of white vein Kratom, it has unique and striking effects.

    What Is the Origin of White Sumatra Kratom? 

    The origin of White Sumatra Kratom is obviously rooted in Sumatra Island. This amazing Asian island has a hot and humid climate, greatly influenced by seasonal monsoons. The climate in the south is equatorial, while the north is subtropical.

    Climate differences also depend on altitude. Sumatra i

  12. What is Sumatra Kratom?

    This Indonesian beauty, Sumatra kratom is a type of Kratom with potent and well-balanced effects while also being long-lasting. It blooms solely on Sumatran Island and includes alkaloid-rich nutrients like mitragynine than most other Kratom types.  

    That means it could generate some powerful effects of these alkaloids mixed with the great qualities of others to provide great effects.

    This blog will allow you to learn everything you need to know about Sumatra Kratom and its origin, other types of Sumatra Kratom, the ideal dosage, and much more!  

    Origin of Sumatra Kratom

  13. What Is Red Thai Kratom Powder?

    Red Thai Kratom powder, as the name suggests, is one of the bright members of the Mitragyna Speciosa family, which is known for its strong effects and striking nature, which has its roots in Thailand. 

    Depending on the Thai Kratom strain type, Red Thai Kratom is an indispensable strain that has been approved by users for centuries.

    What Is the Origin of Red Thai Kratom Powder?

    Red Thai Kratom powder is of course grown in Thailand! Providing the necessary environmental conditions for kratom, Thailand nourishes the leaves of the kratom tree with its warm climate, high humidity, and lush forests, and master farmers collect and powder the leaves by hand when they reach sufficient maturity. 

  14. What Is White Thai Kratom?

    White Thai Kratom has already gained a worldwide reputation as a type of Kratom strain that stands out for its strong and immediate effects and has been a favorite of Thai farmers for centuries.

    For many years, selling or even owning kratom was illegal in Thailand. Therefore, farmers took the path of exporting kratom, and this practice continued for many years. Now kratom has been legalized in Thailand, but in the process, White Thai Kratom spread rapidly all over the world.

    What Is the Origin of White Thai Kratom?

    The origin of White Thai Kratom is obviously rooted in Thailand. This amazing Asian country has a hot and humid climate, greatly influenced by seasonal monsoons. The weather in the South is equatorial, while the north is subtropical.  

  15. What is Thai Kratom?

    The name “Thai Kratom” indicates a very admired Kratom strain, aka “Mitragyna Speciosa” plant. This strain has been initially harvested in Thailand, whose humid climate and rich soil content pave the way for a potent and distinctive Kratom strain.  

    By absorbing the traditional producing practices and environmental factors rooted in Thailand, kratom farms can now produce a quality crop that bears Thai Kratom’s alkaloid-rich profile and potent effects.

    Origin of Thai Kratom

    Mitragyna Speciosa trees need highly particular environmental elements like high humidity and plenty of water to grow. That’s why growing your own Kratom at your home is a hard and demanding task. Fortunately, we have Thailand that meets all the requirements Kratom needs.

  16. What is Maeng Da Thai Kratom?

    Kratom, technically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, has been gaining popularity at a rapid rate in the last few years. Maeng Da Thai Kratom is a type of Kratom which farmers cultivate exclusively in Thailand. The hot, humid, and muggy climate of the region is essential for the growth of this Kratom breed and also for the improvement of its unique alkaloid profile.

    Consequently, Kratom users get the same advantages as they do with other strains. The Mitragyna species is an annual plant from which producers acquire leaves for the production of several varieties.

    Thailand's local people have been using and enjoying Thai Maeng Da Kratom for many years. Particularly among manual laborers in the general population, the strain is quite popular.

  17. What Is Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder?