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Are you hunting for top-grade Sumatra Kratom online? Whether you want to get your hands on all-natural Sumatra Kratom for sale or looking for the superior potency that would help you enjoy the boosting effects for longer, AuthenticKratom.com would be your best bet.

Want to explore this mightiest strain? Let us take you to the essential details about our fan-favorite Sumatra Kratom.

The Origin Of Sumatra Kratom

As the name suggests Sumatra Kratom is one of the in-demand strains that is native to the beautiful Sumatra Island – one of the largest Islands in Indonesia. Although this island is known for producing top-quality coffee and hence called “A Coffee Growing Paradise”, Sumatra Kratom trees also grow side by side. The trees are massive, and almost 90 feet tall with loaded Sumatra Kratom leaves that are later hand-picked by the farmers.

What Alkaloids Are Present In Sumatra Kratom?

The hot and humid climate of the Island with rich soil and heavy rainfalls is one of the foremost reasons for the alkaloid-rich chemical profile of the strain. The most potent alkaloids in this strain are:

  • Mitragynine

  • 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine

  • Mitraphylline

  • Speciogynine

Although there are 40+ alkaloids present in the leaf matter, we have listed the most dominant ones here. These alkaloids directly interact with the brain’s mu-opioid receptors and help you get a more energetic and calm state of mind. Moreover, the relieving and relaxing effects are also visibly enduring. 

How Seasoned Farmers Produce And Harvest?

Growing Sumatra is not easy, and only native farmers who have been growing this botanical for years can grow it. The farmers sow the Kratom seeds in nutrient-rich soil and look after the growth, meanwhile providing enough water and fertilizer. Once the plant pops up, the natural humid environment, intense heat, and rainfalls help foster further development.

Harvesting stage begins depending upon the vein color that is required. The White strains are harvested earlier in younger leaves and the Green strains are harvested when the leaf is of medium size and has Green veins inside. The Red strains are harvested when the leaves are fully developed and have Red veins. Later, to get the powder, the leaves are cleaned and blended in the fast-acting grinders to get the desired consistency.

How Red, Green, White, Yellow And Gold Sumatra Strains Are Different?

Red Sumatra

The Red strain of Sumatra consists of massive leaves having Red veins inside. These leaves have a loaded amount of 7-Hydroxymitragynine alkaloid hence known for its sedative, relieving, and relaxing effects.

Green Sumatra

Green vein leaves are used to form the Green Sumatra powder. These leaves are a hybrid of Red and White vein Sumatra and contain both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitrgynine alkaloids. 

White Sumatra

This strain comes from younger Mitragyna leaves with prominent white veins. These leaves have a concentrated amount of essential Kratom alkaloid – Mitragynine and are known for boosting energy, mood, motivation, and focus. 

Yellow Sumatra

Yellow strain of Sumatra Mitragyna is tailor-made. It is made by fermenting Red-vein Sumatra in humidity and hot weather. Once completely fermented, the strain is air-dried, and powdered with heavy-duty grinders. To give a yellow hue, manufacturers often mix the White vein Sumatra to Yellow strain. 

Gold Sumatra

The Gold strain is also made by fermenting Red strain for two days but the manufacturers do not mix White strain. So the gold strain is basically a fermented form of Red Sumatra. 

What Is Shelf Life Of Sumatra Kratom?

The shelf-life of Kratom is one month but do not worry, by following the right storage techniques, you can increase the shelf-life to one year. 

Smart Tips For Storing Sumatra Kratom

If you want to store it for 3-4 months, store it in an air-tight container, away from sunlight, and high temperatures. The storage area should be dark, dry, and humidity-free. 

If you want to store your Kratom powder for a year, simply freeze it in a refrigerator and use the required amount whenever needed. 

Note: Make sure you check frequently if there are any molds, bad odour, or discoloration. Do not use it if you find anything unusual and buy fresh Sumatra Mitragyna. 

What Is The Best Way To Use Sumatra Kratom?

Here’s how you can easily use your powder:

  • Toss n’ wash with water or your favorite juice.

  • Mix in water or your favorite juice and drink it.

  • You can also have it in your favorite smoothie or shake.

  • Try adding it to your go-to brownie or cookie recipe. 

  • Use in the form of tea and add honey and lemon for a perfect taste. 

Why Buy Sumatra Kratom Online?

At Authentic Kratom, you get all the essential ticks that you need to look for while buying Kratom online. All of our products are made using all-natural, pure, and lab-tested Kratom which is directly sourced from Indonesia. We only use fresh leaves that are juiciest and free from any bruises. Moreover, our Kratom is reasonably priced, and made by following strict GMP-practices. Enjoy 30-day money-back guarantee, fast-shipping, and professional customer care with Authentic Kratom.