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COVID-19 Updates:

Due to statewide "Stay at Home" order in the state of California, we have limited our office ours. Our new order cutoff time is: 1:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday. 

Yes, we are open, and we are shipping orders. The only thing we changed our order cut off time from 2:00 PM pacific time to 1:00 pm pacific time so that our employees can get back to their love ones early.

Veterans Day Updates

Updated: 11/11/2018


We wanted to let you know that if you placed an order after 2:00 PM PST on Friday, over the weekend, or if you place an order tommorrow, we will ship your order out tomorrow.


YES WE ARE OPEN TOMORROW (Monday November 12th, 2018)


however, post office will be closed for mail distribution.


Express & Next Day Shipping - Delivery May Delay a Day




If you placed an order and anxiously waiting for your shipment, please understand this holiday (Veterans Day) will impact your regular delivery schedule.




Please allow an extra day for delivery. If we ship your order out tomorrow, the Post Office will just pickup the mails but will not process anything until Tuesday.




Updated 11/04/2018


We made some changes to our email server for faster response and secure communication. If you do NOT receive order confirmation email or any correspondence to your INBOX please check the SPAM/JUNK folder. MAKE SURE YOU MARK "NOT SPAM" so you can receive future emails.

Alternatively, you can add us to your safe communication filter by adding the following email address:

If you're experiencing technical issue recovering your password, please make sure to check your Spam / Junk Folder





Latest Update & News on Kratom & the DEA

Updated 09/17/2016

If you didn't receive our email today, here's the latest update.


Save Kratom - This Is Our Chance


If We don't Do anything...this might be your last week to buy Kratom

Our Wonderful, Wonderful Loyal Customers - the savers of Kratom,
This craziness with Kratom needs to end. We need your help. I am relaying a message from Susan at American Kratom Association.

Here is her Message to you all:

We have some great news that needs urgent action BY COB TUESDAY! We, with our lobbyist's help have found some champions in Congress to write a "Dear Colleague" letter asking the DEA to slow down this process. They are Congressmen Pocan of WI who I met with the night before the march and Congressman Salmon from AZ.

The letter asks, among other things, that the Director of OMB and Acting Director of the DEA delay a final decision on the placement of Kratom as a schedule I, provide ample time for public comment on this significant decision, and resolve any inconsistencies with other Federal Agencies regarding the use of Kratom.

So this is what we need you to do!!! Use this number to call YOUR representative first thing Monday morning. Tell then you are a responsible adult consumer of Kratom for ______ (ailment) and would they please sign-on to the Pocan/Salmon Dear Colleague letter on this issue with DEA trying to emergency schedule it.

To call your Member of Congress:

US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Also, Please donate to American Kratom Association @

Donate Now

Please, Please, and Please... do NOT wait for someone else to do it. The meeting is on Tuesday. So, we must reach our Member of Congress by Monday September 19th, 2016.
Love you all!!



Updated: 09/06/206

On August 30th, 2016 the DEA filed a notice on their intent to put Kratom on the Schedule I drug list. It's the same list as Heroin and other narcotics are listed. So, if this gets approved, effective September 30th, 2016 Kratom will be an illegal substance, just like others listed in the Scheudule I Substance list.

To Help Support the SAVE KRATOM MOVEMENT, we have gathered some resources where you can participate to help this movement. We are sincerely requesting everyone's help in this matter as soon as possible.




Social Media:


What Can you Do?

  • Sign the White House Kratom Petition
  • Send message the Justice Department & the Attorney General - Send Message Now
  • Get in Touch with your legislator and let them hear your voice - Find yours and Contact Now
  • Participate in the Kratom March in DC on September 13th - Kratom March in DC Info.
  • Spread the Word - Ask your Friends, Family Members to support this by singing this petition.

One more very important thing you can do:

I was speaking with someone at the American Kratom Association, they are doing all necessary to prevent this from happening. As many of you know, American Kratom Association is a non-profit organization. So, please donate generously to this good cause. They need money to pay for all legal fees.

Here is a link to their donation page. Anything helps.

Donate to American Kratom Association




Updated Date: 07/25/2016

Everything is In Stock Now!! Have any question, please email us. Thanks.



Updated Date: 02/03/2016

It is Illegal to Sell Kratom to Anyone Under the Age of 21 in the State of NY

A New Bill has passed that is prohibitting the sale of kratom to anyone under the age of 21 in the state of NY. Read more



Updated Date: 12/24/2015

Updates about Inventory

Great News, Sumatra White, Sumatra Red, Bali Red, Bali White, Riau Red will be in Stock Early Next week (week of December 28th). As soon as we receive them, they will be made available for order. We are currently out of few of the above strains, and Borneo Red. Borneo Red won't be available until beginning of January.



Updates about Shipments During Holiday Season

You may have already received an email from us regarding upcoming holidays and the issues that we face during these times of the year. Here is a copy of the email, just in case you're not in our mailing list or didn't get a chance to open our email.


Dear Customers,

You all know, we have been very consistent with our shipping and usually deliver every package on time. In many cases packages are delivered way before the estimated delivery date.

As the Christmas and New Years Holiday approaching, I am sending you this email to alert you that some delays in delivery of your packages are expected during this time of the year. You rest assure that your package will leave our warehouse like usual, same day as long as the order comes in before 1:00 PM Pacific Time (Monday - Friday). If there's any reason we can not ship your package same day, we will let you know via email or by calling your telephone number we have in file.

USPS usually gets overwhelmed with the number of mails they receive during holidays. This is why may I request you all to place your order ahead. Below is a list of average regular (not holiday time) delivery time by USPS.

USPS First Class Mail (2-5 Days)
USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Days)
USPS Priority Mail Express (1-2 Days)

Here are some Need to Know:

  • If your package does not arrive as scheduled above, you must wait for the delivery.
  • If the USPS website shows scheduled delivery has passed but package not received, you must wait for the delivery.
  • If the USPS website shows, package is delivered but not received, you need to contact your local post office/postman/ or your neighbor. This is why we request you to make sure you verify and provide us the right Billing Address and Shipping Address.
  • If you think your mail is not secured and someone may steal your packages, please provide us a secured mailing address.
  • Shipping Charges are not refundable as we select the shipping services based on your requested method.
  • Because of the holiday season, we may required signature delivery from some orders. If you prefer that we do not require signatures, please let us know in advance. In that case, you will be fully responsible for your order.

Lost Packages: A Package is considered lost after 30 Days according to the USPS. They will not accept any lost claim until the end of 30 days. In the mean time you can place a new order with us. If the lost package is found, you can return it to us for refund (must be unopened) or keep it.

If you have any question regarding shipping and delivery, please do NOT hesitate to contact us at

With this, I want to wish you all a very happy and safe holidays.

Best Regards,




We Will Be Closed on Friday July 17th, 2015

Your order will not be processed until Monday July 20th, 2015
(Updated July 16th, 2016)


Bali White Vein Kratom - IN STOCK NOW

(Updated July 9th, 2015)


July 4th Sale - Customer Only

(Updated July 4th, 2015)

If you have previously ordered from us, please check your email for our customer only deal for 4th of July. Sale Ends July 5th, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST



(Updated 07/02/2015)

We apoloigze for any inconvenience due to site outage. Good news is, we are back online.


Bali White Vein Kratom  OUT OF STOCK (ETA 07/07/2015)

(Updated 07/02/2015)


Kali Maeng Da In Stock Now!

(updated 06/04/2015)

Thank you all for your personal feedback about the last batch of Kali Maeng Da. A Fresh New Batch has just arrived. You will not be disappointed. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Red Horn Kratom In Stock Now!

(updated 06/04/2015)

Very Popular Kratom Just restocked a new batch, order before it's gone.

Current Stock Status: Everything is In Stock Now

(updated 06/04/2015)