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Riau Kratom Origin

The beautiful Riau Island houses this matchless Kratom strain – Riau Kratom. Yes, you cannot find this ever-green strain outside the borders of Riau since it is native to ONLY this region. The Riau province comprises 1,796 islands scattered between the Riau Archipelago, Borneo, Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra. The mineral-rich soil and water, plenty of rainfalls, heavy winds, and hot and humid weather help the Riau Kratom plant grow to its full potential. With a rich alkaloid profile, high-end potency, and ever-lasting boosting effects, this all-rounder strain creates a nice balance in your life.

Let’s dig deeper into the types of Riau Kratom to understand the reason behind its popularity.

Types Of Riau Kratom

Riau comes in five strains: White, Red, Green, Yellow, and Gold. Read further to know the difference between these Kratom strains.

White Riau Kratom

White Riau is known for its white vein leaves that are ground to form a super-soft powder. The leaves are harvested at an earlier stage and are comparatively more minor. White Riau Kratom has this unique effect of energizing users and making them ready for the all-day hustle. It boosts your mood, motivation, and focus, helping you make the most of your busy day.

Red Riau Kratom

Red Riau powder is unique for its Reddish brown color. This strain directly comes from the massive, gigantic, fresh leaves of the Riau Speciosa tree. If you are looking for a strain that would help you with relieving and relaxing, Red Riau is sure-shot made for you. Moreover, this strain is best suited for those who take stress over miniature of the stuff.

Green Riau Kratom

Green Riau is derived from the green-vein leaves and is known as a hybrid strain between Red and White. Since it has both essential Kratom alkaloids – Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, this strain helps with relaxing and energizing effects.

Yellow Riau Kratom

The fermented Red Riau strain forms the Yellow Riau. The Red strain is fermented for two days in humidity and warmth to boost the alkaloids. Later, the leaves go through the air-drying process and ground to make a powder form. Afterward, White Riau is mixed to give it a yellow finish. This strain is best for folks looking for a more pronounced relieving effect and relaxation.

Gold Riau Kratom

Gold Riau also comes from a fermented Red strain. The Red strain goes through a strict fermentation process for two days and afterward, air-dried and ground in fast-acting grinders to make a high-quality Gold Riau powder. The Gold Kratom strain promotes the energizing and relaxing effects of Kratom.

Does Only Professional Farmers Harvest This Riau Strain?

Yes, only seasoned and professional farmers pick each leaf by hand and supervise the entire growth cycle.

Riau Kratom goes through a harvesting process that is carried out with complete attention to detail. The required vein color is hand-picked at a particular developmental stage of the Mitragyna tree. The veins are removed, and the remaining leaf is cleaned and ground to form a high-potency powder. The farmers only pick fresh, juicy, and bruise-free leaves that end up in a high-end Kratom product.

Essential Factors That Should Not Be Overlooked

Riau Strain has an earthy aroma and a strong smell like coffee. Moreover, the high-quality leaves make pure, soft, and granule-free powder. So make sure the scent is not pungent, and the powder is as fresh as you have imagined. The taste of Riau Kratom is at a sweeter end with hints of slightly bitter flavor.

Should I Use The Powder Form Or The Capsule Form?

Many Kratom users get confused while choosing among the powdered and capsule forms. The same Riau powder is filled in the capsule and is pre-measured. However, the effects may take extra 10-15minutes to kick in compared to the powder form, but the taste is completely masked. So if you want your dose on the go, try the Kratom capsule form, and if you love the organic flavor of herbs, go with the powder form. The choice is all yours.

Does Riau Kratom Go Bad?

Yes, Riau strain goes terrible if you do not store it properly. For the proper storage, keep in a dark spot, away from sunlight, humidity, heat, and moisture. You can also store the Riau Kratom powder in the refrigerator for 8-12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Riau Kratom Addictive?

No, if you use the herb following the rule of moderation, you won’t experience any dependence.   

Is Riau Strain Safe To Use?

Yes, Riau strain is safe to use. Avoid taking higher doses of more than 5 grams. 

Can I Take Riau Strain On A Plane?

Yes, if it is legal in your state and the state you are traveling to.

Where To Buy Riau Kratom Near Me?

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What Is Riau Strain Price At Authentic Kratom?

You can buy Riau varieties at a discount at AuthenticKratom.com. The 1oz pack would cost $8.39, 5oz for $41.93, and 10oz for $83.93.