Kratom at Walmart: Does Walmart Sell Kratom In Store?

Nowadays, as we have exposure to almost everything, it is hard to maintain the quality of things sold to us. Therefore, people like to shop from big stores rather than shopping locally.

We are sure you must have been to such stores like Walmart, GNC or Amazon. Sometimes it is frustrating when you cannot find your favorite Kratom products in these stores. 

Walmart is an American chain of retail departments and grocery stores which was founded in 1962. It has almost everything in the store, but some people ask about Kratom at Walmart: Does Walmart sell Kratom in store? Well, that is a good question and we have answered not just this but also other related queries. Keep reading to find the answer.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, which is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is now widely known. Initially, it was only used in some areas of the world, mainly for its energy-boosting properties. It belongs to the coffee plant family and grows in Southeast Asia. In ancient times, laborers used to chew on its leaves as other forms of it were not introduced. 

It is now available in multiple strains, including White, Red, Green, and Yellow strains. The leaves of this plant have strains that possess colors based on age. For instance, if the plant is immature, it will have white veins, and as it is fully mature, the veins carry red color. What blessed this plant with these qualities is the alkaloids. It has many alkaloids, but Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the active ones. 

Can You Buy Kratom At Walmart Or Vitamin Store?

You must be thinking about whether Walmart carries Kratom or not. Sadly, no. There are several reasons why some famous stores like Walmart and Amazon don’t store Kratom. So, there’s no Kratom at Walmart. Due to FDA restrictions, big chain retailers won't carry kratom, however kratom can be bought from gas stations and smoke shops.


If at all you have to buy Mitragyna Speciosa and your state allows its use and selling, then you can check it out at vape stores, gas stations, smoke shops, pubs and bars, and Kratom head shops. 

Reasons Why You Cannot Find Kratom At Walmart

Well, there is more than one reason behind why Kratom at Walmart is not available, but let us tell you some of the main reasons why this substance is not available in some of these stores.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

It has been a long time since this substance was used, but it is still in the process of getting approved by the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration ensures that whatever is accessible to the public is safe and does not contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, it also makes sure that they have the correct labels intact and that they are pure. Otherwise, they can stop the entire supply. 


Unfortunately, even after several decades, this substance lacks enough research. Therefore, there are many misconceptions attached to it. On the one hand, people call it synthetic, and on the other, it is held responsible for demises. However, this substance is actually the leaves of a tree grown abundantly in Southeast Asia. How can it be synthetic? Also, there is no solid proof that anybody died because of this substance. 

Uncertain Future 

To be on the safe side, big stores avoid keeping debatable products. As such products are not FDA approved, they can be banned anytime and the stores that have them in stock can face a million dollars loss. 

Credit Card Issues

Whether you already know it or not, some credit card companies call some products ’high-risk products’. Therefore, they avoid serving such products in any way, and if such items are found, they close the store’s credit card processing account. 

Do Other Big Stores Sell Kratom? 

The simple answer to this is – No. There’s no Kratom including red dragon Kratom in Walmart, Walgreens, General Nutrition Centre and Amazon don’t sell it. So, wherever you go, there;s no Kratom at Walmart.

Firstly, it is not DEA and FDA-approved. Secondly, it is not like heroin, but it affects people mentally; therefore, stores don’t want to get involved in selling such notorious products. 

It is inevitable that these stores can make a lot of money if they get partnered with Mitragyna Speciosa, but there’s a risk of negative publicity in case something wrong happens. 

Does This Mean Kratom Is Bad? 

Not at all. It doesn’t make it a bad substance if it is not in stock with Walmart. It is a normal response to a controversial substance on which insufficient research is done. Therefore, several major retailers refrain from keeping it. Until proper research is done on it, we cannot call it a bad substance for the shop that doesn’t support it or for us.

Where To Look For High Quality Kratom?  

Suppose your state allows the buying and selling of Mitragyna Speciosa. In that case, you can easily access it in local stores, gas stations, smoke shops, Kratom head shops, and local convenience stores. However, it is always better to shop online because you will come across better and wider options. 

Getting your hands on high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa requires you to do some research. You need to ask around about the best Kratom store. Moreover, you must look it up online to read some genuine reviews about it. If you are going to shop from the store for the first time, then buy a small quantity, try it and if you approve it, then purchase the desired amount later.

Important Considerations Before Buying Kratom

Since it is hard to find Mitragyna Speciosa in big and famous stores, you only have to shop for it online or locally. As said earlier, it is a wise decision to buy it online. However, if you don’t have time to look it up online, then you can shop it locally, but you have to consider some factors.


As you are not buying it from renowned stores, there is a chance that what you are buying is impure. In simple words, the content, which they call Kratom, can have less than 50 percent of Mitragyna Speciosa. It can be mixed with some other powder. This happens, especially when you are making a purchase from a non-specialist retailer. 


You need to be careful, especially when you are making a purchase from a local store. The stock can be there for a long time and may be exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Resulting in the absence of alkaloids. Therefore, you need to be careful.


There is a high chance that you are paying double for the amount and type of Kratom you are buying from a local shop. Whereas when you look for the same thing online, you can compare the size and prices without feeling hesitant. In local shops, you don’t get enough options, and you have to make the decision as soon as possible.


Shopping for Mitragyna Speciosa from a local store has another drawback. The salesman probably has no knowledge about what he’s selling, where it needs to be kept and whether it is fresh or not.

Will Walmart Ever Have Kratom In Stock? 

As time is progressing and many substances are making their way to the market, it seems like soon Ketum will also be available in the big stores. Let us talk about the reasons why such stores should consider keeping Kratom. 


High Profit

Surprisingly, there are over 10 to 15 million Mitragyna Speciosa users in the United States. Its demand is increasing day by day. Moreover, the cultivation and harvesting cost for this is low, but the selling cost is high. This results in high profits.

More Benefits 

When comparing its benefits with safety concerns, its benefits outweigh. For instance, it helps with discomfort and uneasiness. However, the reported side effects are nausea, upset stomach, and vomiting which even other medicinal products cause. 

Besides, the demises reported due to it were because the users took not only Kratom but also other medicines. It is clear that one should not mix Kratom with other substances.

Pharma Companies Are Taking Interest

It is true that now several companies, including cosmetic companies, are taking an interest in this substance. GlaxoSmithKline is also interested in conducting research on it. It seems like soon Kratom will be made a part of medicine-related products and then obviously, it will make its way to the big stores.

About To Get Legalized

It is possible that Ketum will become legal in more states with some regulations because the American Kratom Association (AKA) is doing its best to make it legal and to do further research on it. In America, it is legal in many states but is regulated in some states. For instance, it cannot be sold to people under the age of 18.

Research Is Being Conducted

Lately, as research is being done on it, people are shocked to see the benefits this herb offers. Not only does it have analgesic properties, but it also has other benefits. So far, it has been tested on mice and other animals but not on humans. 


Finally, you know almost everything about whether Walmart sells Kratom in store or not. And for now, you don’t have to stress over the question: can I buy Kratom at Walmart or not? Because there’s no Kratom for sale at Walmart. With the passage of time, more and more people are coming to know about the advantages Kratom holds. Seems like just like the coffee industry started with the small industries, and now it is famous and sold internationally, Kratom will also make its name in the international market and will be available in stores like Walmart, GNC and Amazon. After all, it also belongs to the coffee family.