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Why Should You Choose This Kratom Strain?

Whether you are a fan of Maeng Da kratomBorneo Kratom, or the Thai strain, Elephant Kratom is going to beat the much-needed boosting effects and turn out to be your favorite one in no time.

Let’s disclose why Elephant Kratom would be your next-favorite kratom strain.

Comes From Massive Mitragyna Speciosa Leaves

If we compare the leaves of Elephant Kratom with other strains, the Elephant leaves would be in a win-win situation no matter if you compare the size, or the freshness. 

Have Higher Concentration Of Alkaloids

Since the leaves are pretty massive, you can expect a highly concentrated alkaloid profile. The Elephant leaves contain 40+ essential kratom alkaloids – Mitragynine, and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine are particularly in higher amounts. These two are significantly important for the health-promoting effects of Mitragyna Speciosa. 

Highly Potent Strain 

Are you looking for a potent Kratom strain that would do its magic the time you will ingest it? With sky-rocketing potency levels, Elephant kratom turns out to be an ideal-fit for enthusiasts who are looking for high-end potency.

Fast-acting And Prolonged Effects

Does your favorite Kratom strain lack the much-needed factor of fast-acting results that last for longer? Without a doubt, it is a huge turn off but with Elephant Kratom effects, you can skip all the worries and relish the fast-acting effects that last longer than eight hours. 

Types Of Elephant Kratom Big Leaf Strain

This strain comes in three unique variants – Red, White, and Green Elephant Kratom. The farmers harvest the particular variant depending upon the current vein color. 

  • White Elephant Kratom leaves are harvested at initial stages of development and have higher concentration of Mitragynine alkaloid.

  • The Green Elephant Kratom has a green vein and is harvested at a middle stage of development. It is a hybrid strain between the Red and White and contains both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine alkaloids. 

  • Once the Elephant leaves are completely developed and mature; they have a prominent Red vein inside the leaves. These leaves are again hand-picked by seasoned farmers and washed and ground to form a powder. 

Green Elephant Kratom Powder, Capsules, And Tinctures

Elephant Kratom is available online in various product forms. The most common and in-demand product is Elephant powdered Kratom which contains the whole leaf in a carefully ground powdered form. 

The capsules have the similar powder encapsulated which helps the user get their dose pre-measured and on-the-go. 

The tinctures and extracts are the most potent forms that are made by extracting the alkaloids with the help of alcohol. 

So if you are a beginner, powder would be your at-fit, and if you are looking for a bitterness-free experience, go for a capsule form. For those who want a more potent experience, extracts and tinctures would be an ideal option. 

How To Use? 

You can use the Elephant Kratom powder in your favorite juices, smoothies, or herbal blends. The traditional way to take the powder includes brewing a delicious cup of Kratom tea, and adding the citrusy flavor of lemon and some honey to balance the right taste. 

What Factors To Look For Before Purchase?

When you buy Elephant Kratom online, make sure the vendor sources it from its native region and explains the process of making the product from start to finish. Ensure that the product is lab-tested and the vendor follows all the GMP standards. When you open the Elephant powder bag, check if the powder is super-smooth and loose, and has a nice-smelling earthy aroma. Return the product if the smell is pungent or the powder is even a bit flaky. 

Where To Buy Elephant Kratom Online? 

Are you looking for the best, most trusted, and well-reputed Elephant Kratom vendor online? With our jaw-dropping services that solely end up at our customer’s needs, at Authentic Kratom we do not leave any stone unturned to provide our customers with world’s freshest Kratom at unbeatable prices. All the strains are lab-tested for quality control and manufactured following the GMP standards. Buy now, and you would love to shop over and over again because our top-notch Mitragyna strains are meant to be for enthusiasts like you. 

Shop the Big Leaf Kratom now, and cherish the wholesome effects that await you.