We are not just any kratom brand

Buy once from Authentic Kratom® and you will be a customer for life!

Who's Authentic Kratom?

It all started in 2013. On a mission to push boundaries, ease ailments, and hit the brakes on mediocre kratom brands, we wanted to be the change we wanted to see in the kratom industry. Nestled in San Fernando Valley, we are a pure kratom distributor tasked with putting mouth-watering blends at your fingertips, bridging the gap between Indonesia’s most sought-after kratom and the rest of the globe.

What do we stand for?

Centered on transparency, our core values are woven through everything we do; a dedication to our customers, a commitment to excellence, and a drive to surpass expectations. To us, it’s not enough to solely offer cutting-edge products. Creating a space where customer needs are nurtured, issues are streamlined, and quality is key, we have become recognized as the home of dependable kratom. It’s what makes us…us.

It goes beyond stellar selections. We genuinely care for our customers. From the flexibility of same-day shipping and free standard shipping to a commitment to lab-tested products, our decisions are made with you in mind. Individually testing each product for safety and potency, with batch numbers provided for optimal control, we’ll ensure that every sip is as safe as the next. Stringent standards, for your peace of mind.

A snap of my recent trip to Indonesia to meet our farmers.

Why choose us?

There is nothing ‘business as usual’ about Authentic Kratom. From our ultra-tasty formulas to the team united by their customer-focused approach, we have brought together some of the nation’s leading kratom specialists, with remarkable results. Having accumulated over 4,000 glowing reviews from real customers – unlike our competitors – we are incredibly proud to have grown almost solely through word-of-mouth recommendations. When we say our customers come first, we mean it.

We’re sticklers for options. Whether you’re seeking an explosion of flavors, subtle aromas, or an all-natural blend, we have something for everyone – even you. Having kickstarted our launch with four must-have strains – Borneo White, Red, Green, and Yellow – we have since expanded our selection to 47 extraordinary blends, each given our coveted stamp of approval for meeting the sky-high safety provisions we’re known for.

At Authentic Kratom, we don’t believe that cost should be an obstacle between you and quality-tested, natural products. A dedicated member of the American Kratom Association, adhering to strict GMP standards, we are playing a vital role in the drive to expand kratom-based research, helping to protect consumers like you. It’s why we have an unparalleled number of life-long customers who arrived to sample our irresistible blends and stayed for our zeal for doing the right thing.

What does the name "Authentic Kratom" represent?

And if you’re curious about our brand name? ‘Authentic Kratom’ reflects who we are – a team dedicated to authentic sourcing methods and transparent communications. Having dedicated the last decade to building a reputation of trust, we won’t settle on the high-quality kratom we put our logo on. Trusted by thousands of customers across the globe, each product is meticulously sourced from the region it is named after – without exception. If we can’t source them, we won’t sell them. It’s that simple.