Kratom and Sports: Can Kratom Improve Athletic Performance

Sports enthusiasts and athletes are always on the lookout for legal performance enhancing products that not only have awesome health benefits but also conform to the anti-doping laws. Substances that are safe, natural, and super effective are becoming a huge rage these days. 

Kratom is also such a miraculous restorative plant. Growing in the nations of Southeast Asia, it has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time. It is believed that this botanical can be used to help promote the physical and emotional health of individuals. It contains alkaloids that show various health advantages that can be used to enhance the physical well being of professional sportsmen and athletes. 

Is Kratom really the perfect ergogenic aid?

Because of the varied school of thoughts circulating on the internet, people usually wonder whether it really delivers optimal performance, or is it just a placebo that has been hyped in vain.

Well, it is definitely true that there are a lot of positive effects to taking kratom, which has led many people to wonder if consuming this herb can improve their athletic performance as well.

Let's get started and find out whether kratom can improve athletic performance or not.

Kratom And Athletes

In the United States, Kratom is climbing the ladder of reputation quickly because of its various health benefits. 

Many users claim that kratom has made working out easier. According to a user on Reddit, he has the best workouts on Kratom and it helps him get to the gym even when he doesn't feel like it. This herb also helps the users to do physically demanding jobs with better energy. 

Because of this, kratom has become very popular among many athletes in the United States and around the world. It is estimated that a good percentage of sportsmen were using kratom regularly to enhance their performance and gain a competitive edge on the field. Kratom can be purchased legally online or at smoke shops across the country, making it easy for athletes to obtain it without raising any red flags from their coaches or management.

Kratom And Anti-Doping Tests

If you've been reading much about the use of kratom in the past few years, you've likely come across some scary stories about how this herbal supplement is putting people at risk of failing drug tests. However, if you know a little more about what's actually happening, it's not that hard to separate facts from fiction.

For one thing, kratom isn't just some random plant that people decided to start taking recreationally. It's been used as medicine in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. It was never a problem because people knew that they weren't meant to take large doses on a regular basis. Kratom behaves differently than many regular substances. With the help of its alkaloids, this botanical alleviates many adverse effects snd eases the life of the users.

When kratom first gained popularity as an all natural herb, there were no tests available to detect its presence in urine. Now that there are, though, kratom doesn't pose any threat to players. 

Athletes can rest easy as kratom is not forbidden by the World anti-doping agency. It was on the WADA Monitoring program for several years, but after 2018, it was steered clear from the monitoring by WADA.

However, even if kratom is not currently restricted, athletes should strictly monitor their kratom dosages and consult a specialist to avoid overdose issues. It is recommended that sportsmen and athletes should use herbal supplements in moderation so that they can avoid the risks of side effects related to overdosing.

Kratom vs Other Performance Improving Steroids

The leaves of the kratom plant contain alkaloids that have an effect on opioid receptors. The main active ingredient in kratom is mitragynine which binds to receptors in the brain that reduce pain and produce a feeling of euphoria. It also has some mild stimulant properties, making it an effective performance-enhancing substance that could be used by bodybuilders and athletes.

In order to make it easier to compare with other performance-enhancing drugs, here are some points about kratom:

1. Kratom is legal and is sold by many reputable herbal vendors.

2. It is cheap enough that you could use it regularly without going bankrupt.

3. It does not require you to inject yourself with anything or make any gross modifications to your body.

4. There are no serious side effects or risks associated with taking kratom except mild constipation, nausea and sometimes headache.

Does Kratom Really Help In Improving Performance?

The general consensus is yes, you can use kratom to improve your overall performance. However, the pre-workout dosage of kratom needs to be monitored for the effects to outdo the strain it creates on your system. Though kratom can help you improve your performance, there are still many factors that need to be considered before using it to increase your athletic prowess. There is no clear scientific evidence that kratom does not present any risks for athletes using it for performance enhancement purposes. 

Is It Alright For Athletes And Sportsmen To Use Kratom

Yes, kratom is surely very safe for consumption. It is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries as herbal medicine, especially as a pain reliever. As an active ingredient in Mitragyna speciosa, it has become a popular herbal medicine and wellness supplement. Its popularity has grown in the US recently, increasing the demand for it. Athletes use kratom to increase their performance, treat pain, and relieve fatigue or stress from workouts or from other activities. However, there have been no confirmed reports of kratom causing any health risks or side effects that are specific to athletes.

Science Behind Kratom's Performance Improving Trait

People who have used kratom have reported that it increases alertness, energy, endurance and work productivity. These positive effects are attributed to the mitragynine alkaloid found in kratom; this alkaloid is related to yohimbine which is also used for its stimulating properties. Mitragynine increases the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain by blocking their reuptake. Increasing dopamine levels can heighten mood and increase motivation. Noradrenaline is a neurotransmitter that affects concentration, arousal and spontaneity. It also promotes alertness by increasing blood flow to the brain.

While there are many anecdotal reports of kratom's performance-enhancing effects, its physiological benefits are still under investigation. Most scientists agree that there is a lot to be learned about kratom's effects on humans, but we do know that it is more than just a plant—it's a complex plant chemical stew containing over 19 different chemicals including alkaloids like mitragynine which produce stimulating effects like those of coffee.

User Experiences Regarding Kratom's Performance-enhancing Ability
Users share their experiences with Kratom, including information about how it helps them to increase stamina for their daily workouts and training routines. Some of these reviews are from athletes who have tried Kratom for running, hockey, tennis, or fighting and they have won championships because of it.

As a sportsperson, if you are looking for ways to improve your stamina and performance, Kratom may be the right choice for you.

Kratom Strains That Are Best Suited For Performance Boost In Sports

Kratom strains offer several types of effects based on their vein colour, the climate of the region, soil in which they grow, methods used for processing etc. People use these Kratom strains based on the varied effects produced, from a range of sedating to stimulating ones. 

The stimulating effects of kratom strains come from dopamine release which directly affects mood and increases motivation that inturns enhance a person's work performance.

As for the athletes and sports persons, stimulating kratom strains such as green or white ones preferably maeng da or Sumatran kratom strain works wonders.

Bottom Line

Kratom does have some stimulating effects on athletic performance. So overall, is it worth trying out? We think yes. The typical consensus on Kratom is that it's a safe and non-addictive botanical supplement but scientists are discovering that it may have properties worthy of further scientific and medical scrutiny. Let's hope researchers find more concrete answers to this issue soon.

Those who are health conscious and looking for some extra boost when they work out should give kratom a shot. It's always smart to try new things when it comes to your health, especially if your goal is to maintain an active lifestyle.