What are Kratom shakes, and How Can you Prevent them

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Kratom, a well-known herbal product, has gained massive popularity among many users due to its adverse medical uses. However, everything has its pros and cons. Research has been going on about one of the significant Kratom side effects, called "Kratom shakes." So, don't stop reading if you're a Kratom lover or just trying to know everything about it before entering into the Kratom world. 

Kratom shakes are a term used to define muscle tremors. An unintentional, involuntary rhythmic movement of a limb or part of the body. These jerky movements are not always concerning as they subside on their own and result from any problem in the brain that controls the muscular activity of the body, hinders everyday activities, and, if left untreated, can cause full-body fits. The user, explaining his condition on the internet, said that 4 hours after having Kratom, he experiences dizziness followed by jerking limbs and head-shaking so bad that he can not see in a straight line.

Are there any cases of Kratom shakes among users? 

In simpler words, yes would be the answer to the above question. Two diagnosed cases of kratom shakes have been published in different medical journals, explaining the complaints of Kratom users and their management.

Research on kratom withdrawal and effects describes a case of dependence in a 44-year-old man with a previous history of alcohol dependence and uneasiness. He demonstrated his withdrawal symptoms, restlessness, tremor, sweating, and cravings for the substance with the worsening condition when not taken immediately. The condition subsides by taking the drug more than the last dose is termed withdrawal and is entirely different from the kratom shake. 

Another report described kratom-induced tonic-clonic seizures in a 27-year-old Caucasian male with a history of attention deficit/hyperactivity and substance use disorder. He was taken to the hospital when he experienced fits a few hours after kratom intake. There was no significant metabolic abnormality in laboratory testing. The lab investigations and history confirmed tremors, suspected by his clinical presentation. His brother gave the history of flawing his arms before the seizure, reminiscent of someone attempting to catch bugs in the air. The case was later diagnosed with kratom shake.


Factors that are known to increase the risk of kratom shakes are;

1. Purity of product 

The purity of the substance decreases the risk of abuse to a greater extent. Consumers prefer taking Kratom with other psychoactive substances to elicit a potent response. The addition of substances can increase the risk of addiction and intoxication. Knowing about the added drug and its effects with Kratom on your body is crucial. A detailed conversation with your vendor regarding the product you are consuming shows your regard for your health. Desiring an increased euphoric effect without knowing about the substance has many side effects that might later hinder your life.

2. Check your dose

Individual characteristics play a role in what a user might experience from Kratom. This experience also depends on the duration of use and the dosage. Kratom intoxication can lead to kratom shake depicted in the index case. The risk was heightened with chronic use as the patient had reported daily kratom use for 1.5 years before his presentation.

3. Underlying health condition

In the previously described case, the patients' history of ADHD suggested susceptibility to neuropsychiatric sequelae from kratom consumption. ADHD is a condition characterized by problems with dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitter activity at cellular and circuitry levels. Neuro-transmitters are responsible for brain activation and mobility. Studies indicate alterations in the prefrontal cortex (PFC)- part of our brain that is known to initiate and stop the movement of our body. Due to his underlying condition, he had an elevated risk of developing an addiction to Kratom. It is always noteworthy to emphasize the impact of health insurance coverage on the clinical picture that emerges.

Various presentations of kratom shakes

Clinically, tremors can present in various ways. Studies have reported that every individual experiences a different jerk regarded as a tremor. 

There are different kinds of tremors:

Tremors that occur while sitting or lying still are known as resting tremors; a jerk that only occurs while working and subsides with rest is called an action tremor. For example, if you are trying to hold a cup and your hand suddenly starts to shake, that would be an action tremor. Tremors that get worse during emotional stress or when you move on purpose are Essential tremors. Certain drugs and alcohol withdrawal or some medical conditions cause tremors. It goes away when the cause is eliminated, known as physiological tremors.

Measures to prevent kratom shakes 

Low dose - fewer side effects

It is without saying that one should not overdose on Kratom. The majority of its side effects come from its unchecked dosage. Kratom in the right dose can be beneficial for you. It can relax your body and elevate your mood by energizing your body. People who consume Kratom are productive and happy.

But if you overdose on Kratom, it can be harmful to you. Using an appropriate dose of Kratom is very important. Suppose you do not want to face any harmful side effects. Do not overdose on Kratom. 

Stay hydrated

water helps to wash our Kratom from your body. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and provides adequate detoxification to lessen the side effects.

Avoid low blood glucose level

Low blood glucose level causes tiredness, confusion, and coma. one should avoid Kratom on an empty stomach As it worsens the condition. A protein bar after Kratom lessens the side effects. A user on the internet shared that his way of preventing kratom shake is to eat followed by a good nap after using Kratom. People have benefited from this advice, yet no research has proven its efficacy.

Final verdict

Kratom has shown efficacy on the human body and is said to be a very potent reliever. Any drug that alters human physiology can induce intoxication. Kratom may have potential side effects and intoxication that can affect your lifestyle. These side effects depend upon its usage and users' underlying condition. We hope this article will increase awareness in the community on the risk of its neuropsychiatric sequelae, specifically tremors, with chronic use of Kratom. The unknown safety profile and easy availability of Kratom necessitate further analysis to provide additional insight into its appropriate regulatory control.