If your order status shows "PENDING", please do NOT worry. It means we did not process your order yet; could be due to holidays, weekends, or order came after our daily cut off time, or we are busy processing other orders.


If your Order Status shows "ON HOLD", it means, there's an issue with processing this order, could be due to billing,etc. Solution: Please give us a call at 888-270-1285


If your order status shows "PROCESSING", it means we just processed your order, payment has been accepted, stay tuned for the tracking number.


if your order shows "COMPLETE", it means, package has left our facility and on it's way to you. Please refer to the email with tracking number and track your order.


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Shipping Restrictions:

We do not ship to the U.S. States: Alabama; Arkansas; Indiana; Rhode Island, Tennessee; Vermont; Wisconsin; San Diego, CA; Jerseyville, IL; and Sarasota County, FL.
We also do not ship to the countries: Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myramar, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, and Vietnam.


1. I Just placed an order, when can I expect the delivery?

Answer: It all depends. If you are placing your order between Monday through Friday before 1:00 PM Pacific Time, your order will be shipped on the same day. However, the delivery time will depend on the shipping service you select during checkout.

2. What is the typical delivery time?

Answer: For the domestic shipments, USPS First Class Mail will take anywhere from 2-5 days, Priority Mail will take 1-3 Days, and Priority Mail Express will take 1-2 Days, it all depends on the location.

For International Shipments: USPS First Class Mail can take anywhere from 7-30 days, Priority Mail can take 10-15 Days, and Express Mail will take 6-10 Days. Delivery time may be longer depending on customs clearance.

3. What do you mean my by same day shipping?

Answer: Any order received before 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time between Monday - Friday will go out same day. Any order received after 1:00 PM PST and over the weekend will be going out on Monday. If monday is a holiday, package will go out on Tuesday.

4. Where is your company located?

Answer: We are located in California, United States

5. When will I receive the tracking number?

Answer: If your order is received before the cut off time, you will receive your tracking number anytime before 6:00 PM PST. Any order received after the cut off time, tracking will be sent the following day before 6:00 PM PST. If you do not receive the tracking number by 6:00 PM PST, please contact us at [email protected]

6. How do I track my order?

Answer: Please look for the “TRACK ORDER” link on the top of our site.

7. How do I use kratom?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do NOT provide any guidance on the use of kratom. Please do your own research before making any purchase as Kratom in general have not been approved by the FDA for human consumptions.

8. Will kratom cure any of my health issue I may have?

Answer: Kratom sold on our website are strictly for research purposes. It is not intended to cure any disease. It is not a substitution for any medical doctors advise. If you are planning to use kratom, please consult with your doctor regarding pros and cons.

9. I did not like the kratom I received. Is it possible to return it for refund or get something else?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Please contact us immediately.

10. Are these kratom sold on your website naturally grown?

Answer: Yes, kratom sold on our website are 100% naturally grown.

11. Do you sell any kratom extracts?

Answer: No we do not sell any kratom extracts.

12. Where do I enter the coupon code?

Answer: The Coupon Code or Discount Code box is in the shopping cart. Please click on My Cart from the top header menu, the discount code box will show up.

13. Why did I not receive my order confirmation email?

Answer: Once you submit an order, an order confimation is sent to your email address provided. Due to mail filtering, many times email goes to the junk mail, spam folders. PLEASE CEHCK YOUR SPAM/JUNK MAIL folders for the order confirmation. If you still don't see it there, please make sure we got your email address correct.

14. Why is my order on HOLD?

Answer: Most common reason is due to credit card declined. When you place an order, please make sure the credit card number, Expiration Date, the CVV code (3 digit code behind your card, 4 digits for amex on the front) are correct. And most importantly, your billing address, which must match the billing address associated with the card.

15. Why is my order on "PENDING STATUS"?

Answer: A Pending order status means we have not yet charged your card. Usually you will see "Pending" status after you place the order. If an order is received after 1:00 PM PST our cut off time, your order status will show "Pending" until the following day. Remember we are in the West Coast, so your order will be processed daily between 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST.

16. Do you accept credit cards for Payment?

Answer: Yes, we accept all major credit cards for payment.

17. My Credit Card Declined, why?

Answer: Please make sure your billing address including zipcode, card holder name, card expiration date, and the CVV Code (3 digit code on the back of your card)matches exactly as it appears on the card.

Please contact your bank and let them know you're trying to make a purchase and anticipating a charge.

18. My information is correct, however the transaction keep on declining? What should I do?

Answer: Please contact your credit card company and let them know you're trying to make a purchase but the card keeps on declining. There you can verify and approve/authorize the transaction or if the card is declining for any other reason, it will tell you why.