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What's your favorite Kratom Strain?

Kratom Strains: What Are The Differences?

This is one question heavily asked amongst newbies of the Kratom community and it's an excellent question, especially if you want to brush up on your general knowledge. We all have to learn somewhere, right?

Kratom types are typically segregated into four different colors:  red-vein white-vein green-vein  and yellow-vein . The colors are given to their respective names because that is the color of their stem and the leaf they derive from. It's that simple. But surely they all produce the same effect? Wrong.

All Kratom types provide varied effects on the mind and the body depending on the color that has been taken. This is because each strain has a different and selective chemical composition that varies from one another to produce their given effects. Interestingly, the stem and the veins are removed so only the leaf is to be taken via many different methods. Some friendly tip, if you have a platter of leaves without the stems or veins in them, I would opt against playing Kratom roulette as some of the effects may sneak up on you when you least expect it.

The best Kratom strains are the ones that are kept within different environments that contain alkaloids and can produce their own effects. With that said, there are many different effects that all these strains can produce, which is why some people only stick to specific strains instead of experimenting with many different derivatives.

Red Vein Kratom

Can you guess what colour the stem and vein are on this choice of Kratom? Yep, you guessed it; blue. Just kidding, but honestly, if any of you guessed anything other than red, there is no hope.

Red Vein Kratom is notably the best selling strain and is the most universally available of the three as it grows more amply in the Southeast Asia region. To put its popularity into more context, it sells more than Green and White Vein Kratom combined. Not only this, but various studies have suggested that the substance that helps enrich the red colour of the veins in turn also shelters the plant from many damaging external factors. This helps it flourish in a well-preserved environment to make it as good as it can be.

The best thing about Red Kratom is that it's brilliant for beginners who are just starting and experimenting with different strains. This goes hand in hand with its demand and popularity as it helps produce tranquil yet calming effects and a general good feeling of well-being filled with optimism and enjoyment. It does this by relaxing the muscles within the body, which helps alleviate pain. Even the strongest known strain of Red Vein Kratom is sometimes used to treat enthusiasts who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Different Red Kratom brands are marketed as having various effects in their products depending on the company selling them. Strains such as Red Borneo and Red Thai promote a sedating effect as opposed to other competitors such as Red Sumatra, whose main goal is to provide a more jubilant sensation. All in all, Red Kratom is promoted as a strain that can provide a small stimulating effect but more so is used for relaxation.

Best Selling Red Kratom Strains

Red Bali Kratom - Red Bali Kratom is one of the more popular strains out there due to it's very relaxing and sedating effects. It is perfect for individuals who enjoy a small euphoric kick and overall mood enhancement.

Super Red Kratom - This strain of red vein is commonly touted as being rather smooth in comparison to other strains. It vaunts a high potency that helps induce a relaxing state which is perfect for taking your foot off the pedal after a hectic day.

Red Maeng Da Kratom - Red Maeng Da is a strong alternative to its counterparts that's able to provide elements of relaxation and euphoria. This in turn has the ability to boost a person's overall state of well-being.

Red Thai Kratom - Red Thai is a strain that fans love to take in the evening, as well as during the day, due to its well-balanced mix of both sedation and euphoric offerings so they can kick back and relax as they wish.

Red Sumatra Kratom - Many users enjoy taking red Sumatra throughout the day because of its powerful combinations of calmness and uplifting tendencies but it can also be just as beneficial when taken of a night time to wind down too.

Red Horned Kratom - The name stems from the shape of the leaf that it derives from due to its 'horny' features. It's known to boast a very strong potency which attributes to a stress-alleviating feeling along with moments jubilance. This can be taken both during the day and night for better effects.

Red Borneo Kratom - Red Borneo is perfect for offering a moderate effect that has been known to decrease anxiety, elevate mood, reduce pain, increase energy, and provide a better night's sleep. As with most Red Vein alternatives, it can be used both during the day and night too.

White Vein Kratom

As opposed to its red-coloured counterpart, White Vein Kratom has been known to give off an effect that helps stimulate positive mood enhancements but this, of course, is highly specific to each different strain. Now, each individual strain will also depend on an array of different variables such as the potency, quality, lifestyle and a persons tolerance. Additionally, White Vein Kratom is one of those strains that's regarded as being the most potency stimulating and euphoric choice among the rest of the Kratom family.

For this reason, it's common for people to consume White Vein Kratom as a substitute for their caffeine kicks in aid of enhancing their overall awareness, alertness, focus and overall joyousness so it can benefit their overall way of life when they most need it. As well as this, it's more shifted towards those who tend t experience bouts of glumness and exhaustion as it's able to overcome these detrimental feelings.

However, I will say it's important not to take this too late in the day or night as it can cause discomfort and restlessness sleep at night. So to ensure the best possible way to take White Vein Kratom would be to mix it together with Red Vein strains in order to achieve a well-balanced mood that gives you an overall great feeling.

Best Selling White Kratom Strains

White Maeng Da - This is one of the most popular strains of Kratom currently available right now. The term "Maeng Da" also translates to "Pimp Grade," so you know you're in good hands with this one. It's by far one of the strongest strains and offers great energetic feelings.

Super White - Super White is another energetic Kratom of choice and even has striking similarities to Maeng Da. However, it has more of a softer energetic feeling than being as strong as Maeng Da.

White Bali - White Bali is a fantastic choice if you want something that ticks many boxes from White Vein Kratoms. It provides a modest feeling of energy, with some users saying it dramatically increases their overall focus.

White Horn - This is a favorite among most White Vein users due to its discrete, energetic effects that just fall short of those provided by Maeng Da and are great for those who like a White Kratom that is a lot more long-lasting.

White Sumatra - White Sumatra has very fine properties when you explore its ground, which is why this strain contains a sensible blend of euphoria and energy.

White Bentuangie - Again, like White Sumatra, this is a nicely grounded strain and offers the same energetic and euphoric effects but at a more enhanced potent level.

White Vietnam - White Vietnam is popular for providing high energetic feelings but even more so for its ability to relieve states of pain too. It also helps create a great sense of overall well-being which makes it loved by all.

Green Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom is somewhat regarded as a medium between Red Vein Kratom and White Vein Kratom due to its modest mood-enhancing effectiveness capable of bringing enough of a punch to bring productivity and joy to one's day.

It's said that users who opt for Green Vein Kratom feel improvement in their overall energy along with elevated spikes in both alertness and concentration. Additionally, this strain is often used to treat pain and discomfort throughout the body as the green veins are notorious for not giving off feelings of sleepiness and lethargic states.

It can be mixed with both White Vein and Red Vein Kratom to subside the latter's stronger effects. This helps create more of a balance by not having to experience the Red Veins' overcooked anesthesia and overstimulation of the White Veins. I like to call it the Kratom of equilibrium.

For this reason, it helps those who may suffer from symptoms of anxiety and distress in social gatherings to relax and appear more approachable to others around them. It can make you more chatty, friendly and laid back, which will help you become a social butterfly in no time.

Best Selling Green Kratom Strains

Green Malay - Originating from its native country of Malaysia, Green Malay has been reported by many users of significantly reducing pain while also providing improvements in cognitive functions and states of energy too.

Super Green Indo - Super Green Indo is a much more powerful strain than Green Malay that benefits it's users by reducing stress, anxiety, and nervousness and enhancing moods and focus.

Green Sumatra - This is another powerful choice of Green Vein that offers a long-lasting effect in positively increasing energy, stimulation and euphoria.

Green Maeng Da - Users have stated that Green Maeng Da is very similar to White Maeng Da because of its mixture of unruffled states of strong energy and euphoria. Still, the only difference is that it doesn't pack as much energy.

Yellow-Vein Kratom

Yellow Sumatra - This strain is known to be one of the most exclusive options you can obtain. This is because the Sumatra tree that it derives from is very low in population but it is known to produce stimulating and jubilant effects capable of enhancing anyone's mood.

Yellow Borneo - The Yellow Borneo strain is a cocktail made up of green, red, and white Borneo Kratom, which users reported to offer a sense of euphoria and stimulation with suppressing pain in the body as well.

Yellow Malay - The Yellow Malay strain is often used as a pain-relieving type of Kratom while still producing effects of stimulation and bouts of energy, which is distinctly similar to the green Malay strain as well.

Yellow Bali - This type of strain is made up of both white Bali and green Bali and as the name suggests, it is in fact home to Bali, Indonesia. Many people suggest it as being a happy medium between both red and white Bali Kratom in terms of strength.

Yellow Vietnam - This strain is relatively new among most Kratom users. It is apparently making its mark as the new kid on the block, with users saying it's the strongest strain of Yellow Kratom currently available.

So, Do I Pick Red, White, Green or Yellow?

Now, that's entirely up to you. We would closely associate your personality and overall lifestyle needs with the correct choice of Kratom or it could have an adverse effect. An example would be that if you are generally quite an excited and restless individual, then White Vein Kratom could cause more harm than good mentally due to its stimulating effects. Considering this, a strain that is generally more suited towards balancing your mood, so you find a greater all-around benefit.

There is no right and wrong answer as it's highly dependent on the individual and what effects they want to achieve in the given moment. Nevertheless, we would advise doing your own research and making sure whatever strain you choose is right for you.