Can You Mix Kratom And Coffee? | Mixing Kratom With Coffee

Are you a die-hard coffee lover? A kind of person for whom a piping hot Coffee cup is the most important morning ritual performed regularly. Statistics have shown that Coffee is the most commonly consumed beverage in the United States - exceeding the consumption of soft drinks, tea, and even water. Hard to believe and even hard to digest? Do you know about mixing kratom with coffee? If no then you will find the answer in this article.

And then Kratom is another substance you feel virtually impossible to function without. It is the star of your daily health regimen and something you can't imagine your life without!

If you happen to fall in the lot, you are not alone. There are millions of like-minded individuals who adore Coffee and Kratom.

While the trend of switching your morning mug of Coffee with Kratom is on the rise, a lot of them wish to benefit from both. So, the next question that ultimately pops in anyone's mind is, can we mix the two and cup it in a single drink? And well, we have our reasons to do that. It's hard for many of us to find enough time to experiment with the two separately. So, why not reap the benefits in one go?

But, before we come up with any definite answer, let's review the basics:

Is It Safe To Mix Kratom With Coffee?

Both Coffee and Kratom share an uncanny resemblance regarding appearance and effects. The two substances are deemed "uniquely similar." Their amalgamation is generally considered perfect for boosting levels (ONLY used in limited proportions). However, there is no scientific evidence or research backing or claiming its safety. 

Like any new substance, you experiment with caution. Kratom and Coffee must be tested with extreme care as you do not know how they will react or impact you. Can You Mix Kratom And Coffee?

As a general rule of thumb, you first combine the two ingredients in small proportions and experiment just a little to check for any allergies or adverse reaction. Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine are advised to avoid this mixture.

The Combination Impact Of Kratom And Coffee

In today's busy and fast-paced life, with our schedules jam-packed to the last minute of the day, none of us can afford to be lazy, procrastinate or waste even a single minute. That is when a small amount of Kratom with Coffee comes to the rescue! 

Generally, Kratom is cherished for its boosting properties. However, this holds true only when you use the herb in low doses. Do you know that Kratom acts as a potent tranquillizer and sedating agent at higher doses?

On the other hand, Coffee increases stimulation, especially when it is not decaffeinated. The resulting combination might help you avoid jittery feels while shooting up your boost levels. However, there is still a lot of room for research to closely study and inspect their combined impact.

Ideally, one must test a moderate and equal proportion of both the components. A high amount of Kratom will negate and almost kill a refreshing impact. Not only is it worth trying, but also the long-lasting, rejuvenating effect will leave you completely in awe. 

The Similarities

Coffee and Kratom have more in common than the sound!

1) Origins: Kratom and Coffee belong to the same family of plants - Rubiaceae. This similar origin is what contributes to their resembling properties.

2) Taste: In its natural and pure form, both Coffee and Kratom characterize a strong bitter flavor. Therefore, it is advised to use sugar, honey, cream, lemon, or other flavor enhancers when brewing Kratom tea or coffee.

3) Impact: Both Kratom and Coffee render the signature pick-me-up aftereffect and are best used to spark your morning or bring life to your dull, lazy evenings. However, for Kratom, you need to opt for a Green or White Strain from the wide selection available and use a low dose. Their longevity is also close enough - for Coffee is four to six hours while Kratom lasts for five to six hours.

4) Dependency: No lying or sugar-coating about Kratom and Coffee's dependence nature. Both of these substances are habit-forming if used on a regular basis. Like coffee, Kratom has experimented with another snack or following a meal to complement your taste buds and lend a pleasurable experience. This makes it an appealing drink and leaves users craving it now and then.

Because honestly, who doesn't love to submerge under the oceans of unrivalled peace and pleasure? Both are used as social drinks in parties, gatherings, and hangovers to mark special occasions and memories. However, mixing kratom with coffee provides you a pleasure aside, Kratom and Coffee's frequent intake should be avoided. The alkaloids build up quicker than it expels from the system and results in developing a tolerance.

The Differences Between Kratom And Coffee

1) Variety: There exist a hundred different species of Coffee. But, no matter what type of Coffee you take, mixing kratom with coffee is easy, it would have the same impact. Sounds monotonous or, perhaps, dull? (We certainly don't mean to offend any coffee lover or bashing Coffee, just saying a matter of fact!)

If you happen to get bored or fed up with your daily coffee mug, then why not spice up the experience? Fortunately, Kratom comes in four different vein colors and over twenty-five strain types. So, technically over a hundred Kratom varieties are hitting the market today. All these render distinct impact, aroma, flavor - and take your experience to the next level. 

2) Potency: Earlier on, we discussed how these substances' impact is similar. But what if we tell you that Kratom is more potent and stronger than Coffee? In fact, its effect also surpasses in terms of duration and longevity than that of Coffee. Take Red Sumatra Kratom, as an example, that remains effective for more than ten hours.

3) The Legal Status and Availability to Public: Today, there is hardly any superstore where you cannot find your favorite coffee brand. It is readily available all over the world. Kratom is considered a controlling substance. Thus, several countries like New Zealand, Russia, Australia, and Sweden have banned it. In the U.S. alone, there are just a handful of states that have fully legalized the free purchasing or selling of Kratom. Most have either imposed age restrictions or have allowed only medicinal use. In addition, it cannot be sold as a dietary supplement and instead sold for research purposes or making soaps and body butter. Find out in what states Kratom is legal here.

5) Supplement Types: Unlike Coffee, which is only available in either pre-ground or ground form, Kratom comes in various forms - capsules, powders, tinctures, extracts, gummies. You name it! Customers are free to choose, depending on their taste and preference. Although Kratom powder is an all-time favorite among the connoisseurs, drink, brew tea, mix in daily meals, or toss and wash for immediate effect.

6) Research: Coffee is a popular drink, and there has been plenty of research already done on the substance to unleash its benefits and side effects. However, Kratom has just made a comeback. It has remained in the dark for decades and was largely unpopular among the masses. Even though initial research can be traced back to the 1970s, the studies are still at a nascent stage. Therefore, no conclusive evidence or statements can be made on its true potential.

7) Risk Factor: Coffee is very beneficial and entails no potential harm. On the other hand, Kratom is a relatively risky and unpredictable substance used with caution. FDA regulates the use and considers it a "Drug of Concern." Previously, it was placed under the DEA Controlled Substances List but removed after much public outcry. So, while low doses of Kratom are believed to possess miraculous healing and therapeutic powers, the higher doses trigger a host of unwanted side effects.

The Best Methods To Experiment

Following, we have outlined the two common methods to combine Mitragyna with Caffeine. Choose the one according to your needs and preferences:

1) Mixing The Two

Mixing kratom with coffee is very easy. Simmer water for 5 to 10 minutes and leave it for a minute or two to cool down. Next, add the desired quantities of coffee and Kratom powder and stir well to dissolve properly.

If you are new to this game, experimenting with small amounts otherwise consistent vomiting with stomach aches can put you through a lot of misery. Also, the bitter taste can be too harsh for the stomach and taste buds. Don't forget to add something sweet and creamy to enhance the flavor and texture.

Tips For Best Results:

  1. Use a coffee maker to brew a perfect drink.
  2. If you do not have Speciosa powder, you can use raw crushed leaves.
  3. Avoid overheating the drink as the alkaloids will denature. 
  4. Is the weather too scorching for a hot cup of tea? No worries, you can prepare the tempting Kratom-iced Coffee
  5. One must meticulously measure the quantities using a properly marked apparatus or measuring device to avoid future problems.

2) Separate Servings

Imagine munching a finger-licking good Kratom cookie or brownie over a piping hot cup of Coffee. Bring a chilly winter evening in the scene, with a book in your hand.

If you are hesitant about mixing kratom with coffee two together, why not take it as two different drinks? Well, consuming Kratom followed by Coffee is very much possible. However, one must take it on alternative days to regulate the kratom dosage and free your body from harmful alkaloids. 

Also, many people toss Kratom powder and then wash it with Coffee or prefer to have it a few minutes later.

Both the ways are acceptable as far as your body can tolerate, and no negative symptoms show up. 

The Best Kratom Strains With Coffee

In ascending order, we present you the best strains matching with Coffee.

  1. Slow Strains: Small amounts of Coffee with White-colored Mitragyna powders are a win-win combo to amplify your productivity without any potential harm.  
  2. With Moderate Strains: This is hands-down the best mixture: Coffee with the mild green Speciosa impact. The result is a magical aromatic potion that will work wonders for you in all its glory. Are you already drooling?
  3. With Fast strains: Red vein Kratom with Coffee can act as a sedative if taken in high quantity. The combination is good to mitigate unbearable discomfort. However, it can make you feel drowsy if ingested during working hours.

An Ideal Dose

In the mixing Kratom with coffee process, managing the right dose of caffeine is far more comfortable than Kratom. That's because Kratom is a sensitive herb that comes in a variety of strains and vein colors that vary in their potency and alkaloid concentration. Therefore, every individual will have a different dose that best suits them and their needs. Consequently, one must determine the ideal dose through experimentation and always stick to it by measuring through sensitive scales. On the other hand, Coffee comes in a standard strength and concentration, so measuring is a lot easier.

It is also worth pointing out that the FDA does not regulate Kratom. Consequently, one must always monitor the intake and keep it minimum, especially while combining it with another stimulant. 

Generally, an average of 2 to 4 grams of Kratom is recommended when used in isolation. However, when making a perfectly refreshing coffee-kratom drink, it is advised to use less than 1 gram of Kratom with 1 teaspoon of Coffee. 

Final Thoughts

Both the plants share the same origins. However, they are poles apart, in reality, be it in their characteristics or the impact they induce. While Coffee and Kratom enthusiasts love the idea of combining the two and vouch for the wonders, experts believe otherwise. Their experiment and experience say that it is not a healthy or a welcoming idea to mix the two.

So far, no reliable study has been conducted to closely examine the impact of a coffee cum Kratom drink. However, there is nothing wrong with the fusion or any recipe combining the two in optimal doses from our point of view. It will make you feel energetic and more focused before your concentration levels take a nosedive.

Let's Make Your Day Hassle-free and Keep Your Drill On-the-go!

There is a bit of trial and error involved to land at a winning combo. That's because the wrong amount of any ingredient will have an opposite or possibly adverse reaction. For instance, it can upset your stomach. It can interrupt your productivity. 

Therefore, for optimal performance and gain, measure the dose accurately. One must also keep a check on or take notes of the diet patterns to avoid getting into any trouble and timely detect any irregular or shocking behavior. Also, never forget to add sugar, cream, or any other sweetener to the blend to mask the ingredients' bitter taste. Your Speciosa powder must be micro-grinded so that it can dissolve well with the caffeine. Finally, we can't overemphasise the significance of buying only lab-tested Kratom products the most trust-worthy and reputable vendor out there.