Kratom Skin Care- Does Kratom Make Acne Worse?

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Kratom Skin Care- Does Kratom Make Acne Worse?

People are getting more concerned about their skin with the spiking trend of using skin care regimes as we cannot comprehend which products have harsh chemical products with potent damage to the skin barrier. There is a growing trend to use natural and herbal medicine; Kratom made its way into the beauty industry.

With the surge of Kratom use for health and wellness, many concerns started to roam around. Is it worth it? In this article, we will highlight Kratom's potential side effects. We will also round out why Kratom is a must-have for your skin. Are you curious to know whether Kratom causes acne breakouts or not?

Let's dwell on the details!

How Does Kratom Help Your Skin?

Kratom skin care products have emerged on the big front of the beauty industry, even though this herbal medicine has been in use by people for a long time. There is a rapid shift towards using natural-based skin products to enhance the skin's beauty. Nowadays, Kratom is available in many forms for topical use as;

  • Soap

  • Facewash

  • Lip balm

  • Lotion

  • Toner

Why not look at Kratom's magical benefits in the skincare regime and whether this is the product your skin has been waiting? Let's put a glance at some benefits of Kratom for your skin;

  • Anti-aging properties

  • Get rid of itching and inflammation

  • Even skin tone

  • Minimizes blemishes and dark spots

  • Hydrates oily skin

Does Kratom Use Lead to Acne Breakouts?

There have been speculations about Kratom’s side effects, like acne, but a lack of scientific research that supports it. As of this time, research on the side effects of chronic use of Kratom is hard to find.

Let’s look at the Kratom user reviews about Kratom and acne; some people claim that they experienced acne breakouts after using Kratom-containing skin products, and some debunked that claim by saying their skin looks better.

According to Kratom users , Kratom can not be blamed for causing acne as this is the same as dietary fiber.

Another user believes that if Kratom is the culprit behind cystic acne, every user should get it within a few months.

Kratom has helped the skin to heal better. Some stated acne has numerous causes, including sudden diet shifts and hormone changes.

One user termed it a coincidence that Kratom can cause acne. Kratom can cause drug interactions with other drugs and must be used cautiously, especially during pregnancy.

Do you want to know about any scientific research throwing light on the relationship between Kratom and acne? To find out about that, you have to stick to the article.

Does Scientific Evidence Support This Claim?

Many studies have uncovered the lasting skin benefits of Kratom through its topical use, but there is a lack of evidence linking Kratom use with acne. No systematized clinical study has yet focused on Kratom use and its side effects. Most of the reviews are cornered by users and doctors who support the usage of Kratom to improve acne rather than cause acne.

One specific study titled Antibacterial activities of kratom leaf extract Mitragyna speciosa against bacteria Propionibacterium acnes 'supported the fact that Kratom gets rid of bacteria that mainly causes acne. That specific bacteria, propionibacterium acnes, resides in follicles, pores, and skin surfaces. The problem arises when propionibacterium increases in number, leading to inflammatory reactions and accumulation of free radicals, causing acne.

To prove that Kratom can kill propionibacterium acne, scientists make a Kratom paste and put it in a petri dish containing bacteria. It was evident that Kratom kills the bacteria to an extent and large quantities of Kratom have more beneficial effects.

Many facial lotions can eventually heal the skin barrier. According to random studies, Kratom has been found to have antioxidant properties that improve blood flow and nourishes the skin. Some people report acne breakouts after using Kratom products, but they are nevertheless due to the wrong dosage.

No in-depth research is available to touch every aspect of Kratom use in skincare and its link with potential acne breakout. Currently, scientific studies are focusing on its use and analgesic benefits.

Are There Potential Side Effects Of Using Kratom?

As soon as Kratom took the beauty industry with its skin benefits, people started to talk ill about this product. The lack of scientific studies and clinical trials also lead to many false rumors regarding Kratom use.

Kratom has short and long-term side effects, but they are rooted in its use. It is safe to use Kratom in skin care products. Like any other substance, Kratom has some side effects that spike when Kratom is not taken in the right amount. You must have a keen look to avoid taking Kratom with other drugs to rule out any interaction.

You are good to go with Kratom skin products in defined doses.

How to Ensure Safe Use of Kratom for Skin?

Are you worried about how to stay away from any side effects and get glowy textured skin? Over here is a list of some things that can ensure the safe and healthy use of Kratom Skin;

  • Make sure to apply the desired amount of skin product on the skin; an abundance can cause an influx of side effects.

  • In any circumstances, never use Kratom with any other drug or substance. Kratom can cause drug interactions with other substances and drugs.

  • Do not forget to buy authentic Kratom skin care products, and beware of vendors who falsely claim to sell original Kratom products.

Closing Thoughts

It is human nature to rush to natural products; Kratom is in use as people are now getting away from harsh chemical products. Whether you want skin with no blemishes, avoid aging, improve texture or nourish oily skin, you must try Kratom skin products. Always store the Kratom products as advised to prevent degradation. Now; you know about the unlimited benefits of Kratom, why not incorporate Kratom products in your skincare routine?