Can You Snort Kratom? Is Kratom Inhalation Safe To Use?

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Can You Snort Kratom?

Although Mitragyna Speciosa is usually consumed orally, some users snort it. This creates the question of "Can I sniff my Kratom?" According to Jack Henningfield in the journal Psychopharmacology, oral ingestion differentiates this herbal plant from deadly controlled substances. However, Henningfield suggests in his study, 

“It is certainly theoretically possible to smoke, snort, or inject Kratom extracts.” 

Just because it's physically possible doesn't mean it's the right way to do it. Snorting Kratom is very dangerous and not at all recommended. 

Why Do People Snort Kratom?

Some people may choose to snort a substance rather than take it by mouth because nasal insufflation allows them to feel the effects of the substance instantly. According to the chemical or herb being used and the body chemistry of the consumer, it might only take 5-10 minutes for it to take effect through this route. can you snort kratom

Moreover, nasal insufflation also enhances the impact of botanical substances like Kratom.  

Why Is Snorting Kratom Dangerous?

Inhaling Kratom is through and through a bad idea. Kratom is a plant-based substance that contains cellulose and other chemicals that are not easily absorbed through the nasal mucosa. Such elements need to go through the digestive system and get acted upon by the enzymes of the stomach to get metabolized. When they don't, in the case of nasal insufflation, they might get collected in the lungs and cause several debilitating side effects.

Moreover, it can also lead to ingestion of a large and potentially harmful dose. It also causes some substances dissolved in the stomach to mix with the blood. Also, considering that the correct amount of Mitragynine is used for its relaxing and energizing effect, there is no need for such a method. 

Additionally, side effects are the most important reason not to resort to overdosing on this herb by snorting. Inhaling any substance through nasal insufflation can cause severe health problems. Several health professionals have shared their concerns about inhaling powdery substances usually meant for oral consumption. 

Doctor Richard Lebowitz, an associate professor of otorhinology at New York University, cautions against snorting anything. He says,

"You have to really look at the effects on the nose itself, not just the effect of the medication."

What Are The Side Effects Of Kratom Snorting?

There will be some short and long-term side effects of snorting Kratom. According to medical professionals, these side effects are usually because impurities are typically present in powdered substances. 

For this reason, you should avoid inhaling a substance through the nose. Other than that, another reason not to sniff this herb is an overdose. Derived from natural Kratom leaves, it contains an excessive amount of plant fiber and cellulose. When taken by mouth, this plant substance is digested by the body. 

Thus, these substances do not mix with your blood and cannot harm your body. However, when you inhale this botanical, these substances accumulate in the upper respiratory tract. It blocks the nasal capillaries. After a point, you have to swallow much more significant amounts to experience the effects of Speciosa.

Short Term Effects of Kratom Snorting

There are a variety of short-term side effects associated with snorting Mitragyna:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Nasal swelling
  • The buildup of mucous membranes causes nasal blockage
  • Trouble breathing
  • Nose & throat irritation

Long Term Effects of Kratom Snorting

There are a variety of long-term side effects associated with snorting Kratom:

  • Damage to the nose & throat
  • Damage to the upper respiratory system
  • Damage to the mucous membranes
  • Lung infections
  • Blood clots in the lungs
  • Pulmonary embolisms
  • Nasal inflammation
  • Perforation of the nasal passages

Other Methods for Taking Kratom

You can consume this botanical with other methods instead of snorting. Capsules, tea, powder, or incense are some additional ways to consume Mitragyna. It is recommended to try different approaches instead of suffering side effects caused by snorting this herb. 

Here are some other methods you can try:

  • Kratom Incense
    Incense burning is a ritual adopted by cultures in the West and East. By burning Speciosa incense at home, you can experience the relaxing effects of kratom thanks to its smoke.
  • Kratom Tea
    Tea is the most common and popular way to use this beneficial botanical. When you find the correct dose in time, your risk of overdose is small. With this herbal tea, you can feel all the desired effects of Kratom.
  • Kratom Capsules
    Capsules are the easiest way to use this plant. Finding the correct dose is easy with capsules. For those who do not like the taste of the Kratom leaves, the capsular form can be recommended.


People using different herbs and substances try to get creative by trying various consumption methods. While some are better than the usual, others prove to be a complete nuisance. Snorting Kratom comes in the latter category. It is strongly advised to avoid this method of consumption because of the possibility of overdosing and severe side effects.