Is Potentiating Kratom A Safe Practice?

Your body can tolerate many of the compounds it consumes over time. You can think of coffee or alcohol as the simplest example of that. As you drink more and more beverages with caffeine or alcohol, you eventually get used to the effects. After a certain point, your body no longer reacts to the same quantities and needs high doses to produce the same effects.

The same can be true for other drugs, among which kratom has been of concern lately. Kratom is a compound that many people have started using because of its raving popularity, making it a fan favorite. It is a recreational and medicinal plant that produces energising and relaxing effects in the body, and the research also sounds quite promising. However, like many other drugs, kratom also carries the risk of producing effects that can be upsetting for users, and it can also lead to tolerance. 

Because consumers use kratom especially to combat problems such as stress and insomnia, some may take a break from using it to combat the unwanted effects. However, some people with chronic conditions do not have this freedom and constantly use high doses. Is there an alternative solution to this? Certainly.

Fortunately, the effects of kratom can be increased with some power-ups. These are called Kratom potentiators that can be added with kratom to amplify its impact, so there’s no need to use more doses of the substance. These Kratom potentiators include turmeric, caffeine, grapefruit, chamomile tea, and many other beneficial substances that reinforce the actions of kratom on your body within safe limits.

Learn more about what Kratom potentiators are and what products you can add to make the most out of your kratom consumption.

how to potentiate kratom

What Are Kratom Potentiators?

A potentiator is a chemical substance that makes another compound more effective. Thus, a synergistic reaction occurs between the two substances, increasing the activity of one or both. Therefore, when combined with kratom, potentiators improve or change their overall effect on the body.

Kratom Potentiators enhance the effect of another without producing adverse side effects of their own. It doesn't change how your brain perceives the drug or how it works; it just makes it stronger. If you want to take kratom but want to minimise any risks, using Kratom potentiators alongside it is definitely an excellent way to go.

There are many methods to strengthen the effects of kratom and maximize its benefits. The combination of certain herbs and foods can result in a synergistic effect, resulting in the enhancement of this herbal medicine.

How To Make Kratom Stronger With Potentiators?

Kratom is a very unique plant in that it's a stimulant, an opiate, and can have stimulating effects comparable to a lot of classical psychedelics. Because of this, there are several ways that people have found to potentiate the effects of kratom.

Because of the nature of some of these methods, we don't recommend anyone inexperienced with psychedelics or stimulants experiment with potentiation methods. The effects can be pretty unpredictable and unpleasant, even if you're on a high dose of kratom.

The best way to potentiate the effects of Kratom is through combining it with another strain of cannabis with a different set of cannabinoids than what's in kratom. This will allow both compounds to work synergistically together and produce much more robust results than either compound taken alone.

But since we don't want to introduce more drugs, you'll have to look out for some natural products that go well with kratom. Here are some great alternatives that can level up how kratom acts on your body.

6 Best Kratom Potentiators

1. Grapefruit and other Citrus Juices

The most popular booster for Kratom is grapefruit juice. Its health benefits make it an excellent booster. Chemical interactions with grapefruit and other citrus juices make kratom stronger. Mixing the two together will make your kratom experience last longer and feel great.

Another benefit for people who like to fortify their kratom with grapefruit and other citrus juices is that the sweetness of the juice helps mask the bitter taste of Kratom.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric technically slows the breakdown of kratom in your digestive tract. It also slows down the metabolism rates of specific enzymes associated with the breakdown of kratom in your digestive system and strengthens the effects of kratom. As a result, kratom effects last longer. In addition, the effects of turmeric are also beneficial for your health. Hence we recommend its use.

3. Caffeine

Some people may consume kratom for its energising effects on the body. You can start your day with kratom and use it to maximize your energy throughout the day. This wave of energy is produced as a result of the reaction between the alkaloids in kratom and adrenergic receptors in your brain.

Specific neurotransmitters such as epinephrine and norepinephrine then stimulate adrenergic receptors. However, mitragynine, the primary alkaloid found in kratom, also stimulates these receptors. And this generates adrenaline in the body, and when this happens, it gives kratom users a bolt of energy. Caffeine also acts in a similar fashion and reacts the same way with the adenosine receptors. Hence, consuming coffee and kratom together can increase your energy even more.

4. Valerian Root

Just like kratom, valerian is also known for its relaxing properties, and for this reason, it can be recommended as a booster to people who use kratom as a stress reliever and relaxant. Mixing kratom and valerian has been reported to improve the relaxing effects of the kratom itself. Highlighting the euphoric effects of the kratom plant, valerian is popular among many users.

5. Chamomile Tea

You must have heard a lot about the soothing and mild effects of chamomile tea. Chamomile is a herb that is relaxing and aids in sleep. This makes it an excellent potentiator to be used with kratom because it will enhance the relaxing properties of the herb and promote a night of sound sleep. It is best to mix kratom and chamomile before going to bed at night because the synergistic effects are more substantial when you combine the two supplements for better sleep.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Another herbal supplement mixed with kratom is cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is easy to mix with Kratom powder to amplify its benefits. It helps support saliva production, which aids in digestion and boosts cardiovascular health. Conversely, consider creating a Kratom-hot pepper mix if you make your Kratom pods at home.

Other Methods Of Kratom Potentiators

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are more kratom potentiators and methods that you can try. For instance, if you don't like the taste of kratom, you can use fruit juice or smoothie during toss and wash. You can mix kratom with any citrus juice and freeze it. Or, you can take kratom powder in your mouth and wash it down with water or juice.

Some Warnings And Precautions of Kratom Potentiators

It’s important to remember that mixing drugs can be risky because it can influence the way they usually work in your body. If it becomes a significant concern and your health doesn’t allow experimenting with potentiation, you should avoid it entirely and consult your doctor before any dosage of kratom or other recreational substance.

Since tolerance and side effects are another concern that needs to be combated, if potentiation isn’t an option for you, consider finding an alternative or skip kratom altogether. Once your health is adequate enough to deal with the effects of kratom and other potentiators, you can start with low doses and build up as per your body’s reaction.

Also, understand that each recreational substance can cause different side effects in different people, so make sure you do your research before purchasing kratom.

Finally, make sure you get your herbal supplements and kratom from a trusted source. There are a lot of kratom products with poor quality strains or those that aren’t tested by third-party sources. Ensure that the kratom you purchase is distributed by a trusted vendor and is authenticated by a third-party lab.