Can Kratom Lead To False Positive Test Results?

For people who started to use Kratom to cure their problematic issues, there has been a spike in concern about false-positive results during routine drug testing. This is a significant issue for those who rely on kratom to manage their conditions, as it can jeopardize your daily life in work, school, and personal relationships.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid kratom false positives. Would it lead to a false positive if you test for drugs? In this blog post, we will highlight the issue of false positives for kratom and how to avoid this confusion. Let’s look into the details!

What Is Meant By A False Positive Test Result?

A false positive is when something is determined as accurate but when is wrong. It can be due to multiple causes, like cross-contamination or incorrect testing procedures.

Drug tests are susceptible because they can detect even minute amounts of drugs in a sample. But there is another matter of concern, the high risk of false positive test results where substances other than drugs are mistakenly identified as drugs.

There are many potential aspects of false positives in drug testing. The leading cause is cross-contamination. If the person needs to take more precautions or the sample is collected according to protocol, the model can be contaminated.

Inaccurate testing procedures are the hallmark of false positive test results. For example, if the wrong type of test is used or is not performed correctly, this can lead to false positives.

False positives can have severe consequences for the person being tested. If a false positive result is reported, this can cause a chain of further testing, sanctions, and even legal problems. Hence, it is necessary to be cautious that false positive results can come and how to avoid the chain of issues that comes with it.

Can Kratom Cause a False Positive Drug Test Result?

Different drug tests show a false positive for kratom use because there are two main active compounds in kratom, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), kratom is not addictive and is not known to cause significant side effects.

These compounds have structures similar to other psychoactive drugs and bind to the same brain receptors. Kratom shares some of the same chemical properties. While kratom is not a psychoactive drug, it binds to some of the same receptors in the brain. This can cause a false positive on a drug test.

Currently, there is no standard kratom drug test, and most commercial tests do not screen for kratom specifically. However, some tests may show a false-positive result for other drugs if kratom is present in the system.

If you are taking a drug test for employment or other purposes, it is essential to let the person administering the test know that you have used kratom. This will help avoid any confusion or inaccurate results.

So, will kratom lead to a false positive result? Yes, kratom can cause other false positives on drug tests. For example, kratom can cause a false positive for amphetamines. That is because kratom contains alkaloids that are similar to amphetamines. To tackle this, you must let the person taking the test know that you are using kratom.

What Type Of Tests Detects the Presence of Kratom?

Kratom does not show on a routine drug test; there should be a range of drug tests like mass spectrometry or chromatography to detect its presence. As these tests are costly, they are used by military or sports organizations to check individuals for substance abuse.

Mainly, a routine urine test is performed, but this test would not be able to detect the presence of kratom in your body. If you are going through a drug test, you should know that a different tier of testing would be used to test kratom. In these matters, the best way is to avoid kratom a few days before the drug test.

After a drug test, you would know the result within a few days. To maintain accuracy, the results might take more time.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

The larger your dose of Kratom, the longer it stays in the bloodstream. Many factors affect how long Kratom stays in your system, over here is the list;

  • Kratom dosage
  • Type of kratom product being used
  • Mode of kratom administration
  • Age and weight of the person
  • Frequency of kratom use
  • Body fat ratio
  • Metabolism varies from person to person
  • Diet and hydration status

How to Reduce Chances Of Kratom False Positive?

When taking kratom, there is always the risk of a false positive on a drug test. While kratom is not illegal, it is often considered a “gray area” compound, and many employers and organizations may still test for it. Are you concerned about the chance of getting false positive results due to Kratom?

Don’t panic; let’s look at ways to reduce the chances of kratom's false positive result.

First and foremost, if you know you will be drug tested, refrain from taking kratom. Even trace amounts can lead to a positive result, so it is best to avoid it altogether if possible.

But in case, If you have already taken kratom and are worried about a false positive, there are a few things you can still do;

Clear the System

According to research, it takes around 6-7 days for Kratom to leave the system to stop showing false positive test results. Refrain from taking kratom between a few days to two weeks, which would help reduce the concentration of kratom in your body.

Avoid Interaction With Other Drugs

It would be best if you took caution not to take kratom with other drugs that can cause interaction and lead to false positive results.

Drink Plenty of Fluids & Opt For Exercise

Drinking more water can cause the urine to be diluted. The more dilute it is, the less the chance of Kratom being detected. You can also exercise and rapidly flush kratom out of your system.

Take Your Kratom At Least 24 Hours Earlier Before the Test

But if you have to take Kratom, try to take it as early as possible before the test. The longer it is in your system, the more likely it will lead to a false positive test result.

Cover Up!

Finally, if you are still concerned about a false positive, some commercial products cover the presence of kratom in a drug test. These products are not considered reliable and authentic at times, however. It’s worth trying them!

However, the best way to refrain from a false positive on a drug test is to avoid taking kratom altogether at least 24 hours before the test.

Final Verdict

Kratom is still a novice in the industry; many speculations are associated with its use and effects. People wonder about a false positive drug test and whether kratom has to do anything with that. But, you can avoid any risk of getting a false positive test result if you take precautions seriously and refrain from taking Kratom before a drug test on the safe side. If you are seeking help and worried, this article will provide all the necessary insight.