Mixing Kratom With Alcohol: A Curse or A Cure?

By now, we are sure you (and perhaps, even your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother) know what Kratom is. And why is it all the rage- continuously making headlines in the medical and wellness world. Do you know anything about mixing kratom with alcohol?

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragayna Speciosa, is widely touted as an efficient alternative natural remedy to synthetic medications and is used by nearly 5 million individuals in the United States. Its history can be traced back centuries ago by the medieval societies to tap on its incredible therapeutic potential. And as the herb soared in popularity, people are jumping on the bandwagon with all sorts of creative ways to enjoy it.

Alcohol is another beverage that has made its way in every home, bar, and club and forms an integral aspect of social life. The concept of combining Alcohol with other drinks isn't new. From ancient to contemporary times, every generation had its obsession with the drink- from adding it with Blue Lotus to poppy, stramonium, and Absinthe.

One incredible combination making rounds these days is "Kratom with Alcohol." People are inevitably considering combining their favorite Speciosa strains with alcohol right, left, and centre. The bar scene is spilling over with Kratom cocktail offerings on the menu as the product sweeps into the beverage sector.

Since both the substances are declared legal at the Federal Level (with Kratom banned in 6 States), most people assume that it is a good idea to drink them together.

Is It Really So? Let’s Find Out!

Unfortunately, things are pretty much complicated and unclear given the lack of any research-based evidence. Therefore, this article intends to give an insight into all the crucial aspects of mixing the two- based on first-hand user experiences, clinical experiments, and anecdotal reports.

Kratom And Alcohol: An Overview

So, let's start with the basics: understanding the characteristics of both Kratom and Alcohol.

Kratom is one of the most miraculous herbs nature has to offer humanity. It boasts both simulative and sedative powers depending on the dose, strain type, and color.

At low doses, Kratom can muster your spirits with all the positives and enhance your concentration levels, whereas, at higher doses, it can wash you over with the ultimate relief, and relaxation. Sometimes, refreshing impact surfaces that end up leaving you highly relaxed, while at other times, the mind experiences a high, but the body feels the total opposite, i.e., at peace. how to mix kratom with alcohol

On the other hand, Alcohol has been deemed a depressant of the Central Nervous System that heavily interrupts communication pathways. It affects how our brain works- making it harder to concentrate, focus, think, or move.

Besides, it also has the power to change our mood and behavior depending on the amount taken, tolerance, and various other factors.

Do you know alcohol consumption was the cause of 3.3 million deaths globally in 2012?

Alcohol is a somewhat dangerous drug that directly contributes to the second-highest substance abuse death toll in the United States following tobacco. Perhaps an even greater problem is the ongoing trend to enjoy it combined with other drugs- that amplify the risks.

Kratom And Alcohol: A Scarcely-Researched Duo

Truth be told: The full length of Alcohol's impact has been explored and made available to the public. Thanks to the rigorous research and elaborate studies on its use, misuse, and abuse performed by almost all of the world's leading organizations. Likewise, significant progress has been made on Kratom research by the medical community.

However, when it comes to combining Kratom with Alcohol, the area remains largely overlooked. There has been very little formal research that can provide any reliable information. Even those that have been conducted so far primarily examine and dwell upon the use of Kratom as an alcohol cessation tool. For instance, a 2011 Study presented by European Psychiatry concluded that "the patient's self-medication with kratom indeed prevented alcohol withdrawal symptoms most probably"   Likewise, a 2019 study carried out by Purdue in collaboration with Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Washington University revealed that "Kratom may be effective to self-medicate alcohol use disorder but is not entirely safe,

So, while Kratom may reduce the desire for Alcohol and help cope with withdrawal symptoms, their combined impact is scarcely studied. This enigmatic conclusion fails to bring any short or long-term dangers into the limelight. And with that, the debate on the duo's efficacy continues.

Is Kratom-Alcohol Mixture Safe?

The next question ultimately pinching in your head is it even safe to combine the two?

Unfortunately, with the research being on a nascent stage, there isn't any solid data on their safety.

Generally, everyone is aware that it is best to avoid mixing any drug with Alcohol. Sadly, this does not stop people from doing so.

Kratom is a tricky substance that acts as both a potent stimulant and sedative, whereas Alcohol is an effective compound that inhibits the functioning of the central nervous system. This explains why people find it particularly difficult to move or think clearly following its use as messages and signals from the nerve receptors to the brain are blocked.

Combining these two opposite mixtures is not a wise idea - more so when the risks are not fully known. Our central nervous system is not designed to bear such complicated substances that cancel out the effect of another.

Safety Comes First! Therefore, one should avoid mixing Alcohol with Kratom to prevent any physical harm. 

The Good And The Bad Of Kratom-Alcohol Mixture

As discussed earlier, both Kratom and Alcohol possess overlapping properties, and the impact can very well intensify when used in conjunction. Their mixture is reported to lend both positive and negative impacts based on the dose. For instance, a dose below 2 grams of each promises tremendous potential, whereas higher doses are associated with perilous results.

While there is a dire need for more research to understand the impact fully, there is substantial evidence hinting that "Most kratom-related hospitalizations, adverse effects, and overdoses are linked to using kratom with other substances." For instance, the findings of a 2019 report Current perspectives on the impact of Kratom use very well supported the claim.

 What Are The Risks Of Mixing Alcohol With Kratom?

If you are one of those who think it is completely okay to mix Alcohol with Kratom, you are wrong. The combo bags a ton of risks and can prove to be life-threatening. Here is what it can do:


Mixing kratom with Alcohol elevates the chances of overdosing by several folds. And since both act as sedative in higher quantities, their negative impact can be much worse than when used in isolation. Experts believe that the combination can prove deadly and lead to lifelong illnesses such as respiratory depression, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, and coma.


The next big risk factor involves contamination and poisoning of the product. For instance, FDA issued a warning when several kratom products tested positive for containing heavy metals such as; Nickel and lead. Large intake of such unpure products can result in food poisoning, anaemia, high blood pressure, kidney damage, nervous system damage, and certain cancers. Besides, FDA also confirmed the presence of salmonellain various Speciosa products sold online. Salmonella is a bacterium that can induce vomiting, severe diarrhea, cramping, fever, bloody stool, and dehydration.


According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), one can very well become addicted to the duo after a period of prolonged use. This can cause withdrawal symptoms when the use is ceased.

Unknown Drug Interactions

There has been little information about how Kratom interacts with other prescription and over-the-counter medications. Therefore, it is best to avoid its use if you are on other medicines.

How Do Kratom and Alcohol Interact?

Kratom small doses work perfectly for boosting your productivity, while a high dosage is ideal for sparking a high. So, when Kratom is combined with a sedatives, the effects can be devastating and possibly deadly. Firstly, it can be a time bomb for the CNS that can intensify impaired coordination, slurred speech, drowsiness, and slowed breathing. Secondly, as the stimulant cancels out the impact of a depressant, consumers might end up having more because of the feeling of less effectiveness.

Kratom-Alcohol Interactions At Varying Doses

Kratom showcase different impact at different levels on every individual. As a famous scholar, Paracelsus beautifully quoted, "Everything is poison and nothing is poison, only the dose is poison." Therefore, one must land at an ideal dose depending on their needs and lifestyle.

At Low Dose

Consumers will notice slight mental stimulation that generates optimism at low doses of a kratom-alcohol drink. A minute amount of each would not harm unless you complicate the situation by increasing the quantity of each.

At Medium Dose

In all honesty, anything can be expected at a medium dose. There have been mixed reviews where some users reported positive results, some neutral, while others claimed to experience sedation, with a high degree of intoxication, unpleasant toxicity, vomiting, body discomfort, dizziness, nausea, sweating, etc.

At High Doses

This goes without saying: High doses are always a big NO.

Drug abuse of any kind is a red flag and can end you up in a pathetic situation. Similar to an overdose, it can lead to unconsciousness and hangover effects that can put your life at stake. Even though there is no formal research on the effects of high doses of Kratom-Alcohol combination, it is always better to take precautions.

Note: Every kratom and alcohol product features a distinct impact based on its chemical composition. E.g., distilled beverages are stronger than fermented ones, and white vein kratom is comparatively less potent than others.

How To Mix Alcohol And Kratom Safely?

This ultimately brings us to the next question: what is the best and the most suitable way to having the two together.

Kratom enthusiasts and experienced users have unanimously stressed adopting the "Golden KFC Rule" for consumers who wish to enjoy both substances. Relax, they are not asking you to have Kentucky Fried Chicken or so; rather, the acronym implies Kratom-Food-Cannabis. This means users must essentially take a break in between and munch on some food. This will drastically help them avert the full-blown and explosive impact of the duo.

What Kratom Users Say About Mixing Kratom and Alcohol?

There is a flood of discussions and debates on online forums. So, while formal clinical evidence is sparse, one can extract valuable information and trends on the topic from real-life user experiences.

Proponents argue that responsibly combining the two in limited proportions does not trigger any significant risks or harm. This holds for all Kratom strains and colors. In fact, in some cases, at low to mild dosage, Kratom might even potentiate the impact of Alcohol, i.e., allow you to feel the effects more intensely. This is a tremendous perk as it helped alcohol addicts limit their intake (they would have otherwise) and reap the same pleasure in the form of a more natural alternative. Some other users suggested that a moderate dose of Kratom mixed with a small amount of Alcohol lend impact equivalent to one or two alcohol drink.

At higher doses, users have alerted fellow members of suffering adverse consequences ranging from mild symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, headache, diarrhea, and sweating to the more severe ones. All in all, the Community was of the consensus that high doses of any ingredient should be avoided at all costs. 

Some Safety Tips

Are you one of those die-hard alcohol lovers with a newfound Kratom obsession? Here we have penned down some essential tips and precautions you can consider before incorporating the mixture into your daily regimen.

1) Okay, so Rule Number One calls for keeping a strict check on the amount you take of each ingredient which must ALWAYS ALWAYS be limited. This will ward off potential side effects and the risk of overdosing.

2) Always buy your Kratom and Alcohol only from the most trusted vendor. Make sure to check all labels, third-party verifications, and Certificates of Quality Assurance before making a purchase, as both are prone to contamination.

3) Don't forget to drink plenty of water, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages as both the substances are diuretic in nature- meaning they will increase urination and so can lead to severe dehydration.

4) If you notice any overdose symptoms, call your local emergency number without delay and follow their action plan.

5) Talk to your healthcare provider or a medical expert before deciding to make changes to your Kratom or alcohol routine.

The Bottom Line

As Kratom creeps its way in everything from brownies and chocolates to juices and coffee, it was bound to set its foot in the alcohol industry too. Kratom cum alcohol mixture is taking the world by storm as the bar and breweries take the lead in bringing exciting new change.

However, with the research being fairly new, it is way too early to draw any concrete conclusions on whether the combo is safe or not. There exists no formal research that has probed into the physiological impact of the two.

What we know thus far is, Kratom with Alcohol isn't always a very graceful pairing. Inferences drawn from the users' anecdotal reports suggest that the two are most likely to intensify the adverse impact. While low doses are safe and somewhat pleasurable, the higher ones will prove to be harmful in the short term- typically mirroring the side effects of Alcohol on its own. And the jury is still out to confidently make a claim as far as the long-term effects are concerned.

Some other users vouched that Kratom remarkably helped them in beating their alcohol addiction. But, it is worth mentioning here that when overcoming alcohol addiction, it is essential not to get addicted to something new.

Know your Body, Know your Limits!

Until then, it is best to err on the side of caution and prevent using this combo. Even if you do, one mantra must vehemently be adhered to "responsible and limited use." Begin with small quantities and observe the reaction.

Disclaimer: By no means does this article intends to encourage or discourage anyone from using anything. Rather, we only aim to enlighten users with meaningful info on the topic. If you like it, don't forget to share it with others in need. You can also let us know your experience in the comments below.