How To Use Kratom Extracts?

Every other kratom aficionado is all ears and eyes for its extracts since they are a highly potent source. They are more concentrated and may ask for more precautions and strict dosage guidelines but have attracted lots of consumers toward them. Kratom products have never failed to amaze us; from extracts to edibles, they are worth the hype.

According to many consumers, these concentrates are becoming a constant part of their lives since they help get quick relief to discomfort and feel relaxed. But for other consumers there is still a lot to know about them. In an effort to clear some doubts, here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about kratom extracts. ways to use kratom extracts

How Do Kratom Extracts Differ From The Powder?

A form of kratom extract may look precisely like the powder, but they are more potent and concentrated. They may be prepared from its leaves or powder. While the powder is simply prepared by finely crushing the dried Mitragyna Speciosa, the concentrates require a bit more effort to reach the final shape.

Kratom powder is the whole crushed plant, and no part is removed in the processing. On the other hand, extracts are prepared by treating the leaves or powder with alcohol and acid and then giving it a final shape as desired. 

Various forms of  Mitragyna Speciosa extracts differ in the method and difficulty of their manufacturing process. While some of these take time, there is hardly any chance of making them wrong. Others quickly prepared require a great deal of accuracy. They are available in powdered, liquid, or resin form. The liquid is often  termed the tincture, and the resin is like a thick paste

How Are Kratom Extracts Measured?

Kratom extracts are measured differently than the regular powder and leaves. Often when you notice their package, you will find reading in ratios or in terms multiples of x. These denote the potency level of the extract compared to the regular parent product. That is why deciding your dosages with them is a bit difficult. Kratom leaves and powder, on the other hand, are simply measured in grams. However, concentration measurements are of utmost importance in determining the dosage. Since extracts are more potent, you need to have a lesser quantity of the product than other simple products. The safest way is to always start from less and increase gradually and stick to the right dosage.

The common dosage may appear printed as 2X, 3X, 10X, or in the form of ratios 2:1, 3:1, 10:1. 2x or 2:1 means that the kratom concentrate has twice the potency of the powder. To find the correct dosage, compare the dose of extract to your kratom powder. This will help you design it accurately. 

What Are The Best Ways To Take Your Kratom Extract?

There are different ways of taking tinctures and other forms of the extracts, from mixing with juices to simply having them raw. It all depends on your preferences. Users are always looking to find an innovative way of taking their dosage to explore new options every day; however, those who like to keep it simple go conventional. Here are some of the common ways

1. Mixing It With Your Drink

Extracting kratom into concentrates by no means better its taste; in fact, it makes it more earthy and bitter. It may not be a great deal for those who originally like the authentic kratom taste. Still, many others may be disturbed by it. We have it all covered for you if you are the latter! 

Make your drinks more interesting by adding your daily extract dosage to them. From morning coffees to smoothies, shakes, and juices, they go pretty well with almost all. If you use powdered extract, just prepare your drink and sprinkle the recommended dosage. Stir and serve! If you are using the tincture, add it while blending the contents of shakes and smoothies and add in the mixture for coffee. The drinks will serve the purpose and your taste  buds too.

2. Holding The Tincture Under You Tongue

Sublingual intake of the concentrates is highly recommended for those looking for rapid absorption. Thanks to the functioning of the mucous membrane, the chemical is dissolved rapidly and is directly released into the bloodstream. It happens so because any substance absorbed from the sublingual mucosa bypasses the portal circulation and becomes a part of your body much more quickly.

With oral consumption, the extracts commonly take 30 to 45 minutes before kicking. However, with the sublingual method, the process is almost instantaneous. The technique is feasible for both powder and tinctures. The only disadvantage is the bitter taste which is less than the direct oral route but is surely there.

Here Are Some Tips Demonstrating How To Go About It!

  • Fill your dropper with tincture or take the recommended amount of powder.
  • Lift your tongue upwards and squirt the liquid underneath.
  • Let it sit under the tongue for at least a minute or two. The longer, the better!
  • Swallow it or wash it down with water or your favorite beverage.
  • You can repeat the steps until you reach the desired impact.

3. Taking Your Extract With Food 

Some people really abhor the taste of kratom. If this describes you, try mixing your concentrates into some foods. You will surely love it! The best types of food combinations may be your favorite desserts, cold salads, yogurt, or whatever suits your taste best. You can also try something like oatmeal or even soup.

Yearning to be more creative? Add the powdered extracts while you are baking cookies and brownies!

If you mix the food with the Speciosa, you are less likely to notice the taste. This is an excellent method for new and veteran users alike. Make sure you measure the extract accurately compared to the servings. If you are making lots of cookies, take the amount of kratom accordingly.

How Much Kratom Extract Do You Need To Take In A Day?

It is important to always enjoy safely. When adding the extracts to your foods or drinks, take extra measures to not outstep the recommended dosage. Nevertheless, the correct dosage for the herb depends on the user’s age, weight, health status, and the form the product comes in. Users recommend starting with a lower dosage to feel its effects and gradually increasing the quantity. This is because of the potential side effects that are more pronounced with higher doses.

First-time users are recommended to use between 1-2 grams. Once you have familiarized yourself with kratom, you can increase your dose to about 2.5 to 4 grams. 

As experienced users, you may consume kratom in the range of 4 to 6 grams. Though consistent and experienced users even take up to 10 grams, this is not recommended. 

According to wise men of the kratom society, the higher you go with your dosage, the higher dosage you will need to produce desired effects. This is because your body stops responding to lower dosages once you start taking persistent high doses. Extracts should also be taken after comparing them to your powder doses. 

According to its users, kratom may have different effects in different dosages. Such as:

1 gram: Very mild effect

2-4 grams: moderate effect

4-6 grams: Potential effect for most users

10 grams: Very strong effect -not recommended because it can cause dizziness, unconsciousness, and all forms of stomach distress. (as stated by users)

The extracts have the same lineage of effects upon increasing the dosage.


Kratom gives you an adequate space to be as innovative with it as you want. You can always try new combinations and products. However, when experiencing a new form, always start with less. Its concentrates are highly potent, and you should only consume them if your body is familiar with the powder or leaves. Only in this way will you safely deal with the high alkaloid content. The extracts, on the whole, are expensive since they ask for a great deal of effect during preparation. They are less readily available, and many people prefer preparing their own extracts at home.

Note: Kratom is not prescribed for drug therapies and to treat any disease. This post by no means goes against the FDA’s regulation for the use of kratom, and all the information it contains is collected from user reviews.