How Much Does Kratom Cost?

Today holistic healing techniques and herbal products are on the rage. Kratom has got good limelight for its relieving, stimulating, and relaxing properties among all herbal supplements. When we talk about the efficacy of a product, the very next thing that catches our attention is how easy it is on our pocket.

If you are also of those who are curious about Kratom after listening to all its praises but first want to know the dent it will cause on your budget, you are at the right place. Kratom cost is one of the most searched topics these days by its consumers. While there may be no single price since the herb is now available in many forms, from leaves, powder, capsules, tablets to tinctures, you can surely compare quotes to find the most reasonable rates.

Which factors affect the Kratom Cost?

It is important to understand that you may not find the same prices even for the same products everywhere. For instance, two vendors may have different prices for the capsules from the same manufacturer.

With that being said, many factors influence the price of the herb, but as a consumer, you should look for a reliable, consistent, quality kratom vendor that is reasonable in terms of the price too. Generally, the price of kratom products vary depending upon the following:

  • Potency
  • Rarity
  • Formulation
  • Packaging

As we all know, Kratom is generally grown in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, shipping it in areas like America asks for a hefty cost. In addition to that, it is commonly shipped in powder forms, so converting it to all the other forms requires a good cost. Moreover, price fluctuations are common with products that are not accurately regulated. The inconsistencies reflected in the price of Kratom are mainly due to changing import costs and taxes. Vendors that guarantee quality products and provide separate lab test reports may charge some extra pennies, but they are worth the money since they assure you of the quality. Here are some more details about the differences in the cost of kratom products.

Kratom Prices — Capsules vs. Powder

Capsules are more expensive than powdered Kratom due to two most obvious reasons; there is a lack of genuine capsule sellers and they involve an extra cost in preparation since the herb is mainly imported in the form of powder. In addition to that, the preparation of the capsules is a laborious process, which is why most retailers only stock primarily the powdered form. The price of a substance is also reduced when it is available in large quantities and varieties. But in the case of the capsules, they are rare and not widely available in many strains. They, therefore, are often scarce and expensive.

With capsules, you do not have to experience the unappetizing taste. They are typically packed using a layer of soluble gelatin or plant-based coating, which has no flavor. Moreover, they come in standardized quantities, offering precision in dosage. Thus, you may find capsules advantageous in many ways, but you will definitely have to bear the dent they cause on your pocket. In the case of tinctures and Kratom extracts, the price may even be higher as extracts are even difficult to prepare.

The Cost of Kratom at Local Stores

The price of Kratom may also vary depending whether you are buying it online or in-person from stores. Though the main concern is quality, there are a few downsides to in-store shopping. The biggest disadvantage is that you will often notice that in-store prices are often higher than those online. Another disappointing element is that you will be limited by the options available, as local stores do not tend to stock many types of products.

Most local vendors have their products lying on the shelves for ages. They tend to buy in bulk, and as the products do not sell quickly from local shops, they lie there waiting for the customers. While as an informed consumer, you must know that old kratom strains offer little to no effects since the alkaloids degrade with time. Moreover, in many cases, the old strains may accumulate unhealthy elements from the environment if not packed properly. They may do more harm to you than good.

It is also common with local stores to sell expired products at cheaper rates. In contrast, others may take advantage of uninformed consumers and sell Kratom at unreasonably high rates. Unaware customers can fall victim to this type of price gouging. It is ,therefore, always wise to buy the herb from authentic sources, especially those who provide lab test reports.

Buying Kratom online

Comparatively, there are several benefits to shopping online. First of all, when you buy from an online vendor, you have access to a wide variety of kratom products. You also have the option to compare vendors in terms of Kratom cost, delivery, and service. You can read customer reviews and evaluate the authenticity and credibility of the vendor before making any purchase. 

Free shipping is one of the many ways you can save money by buying online. Some other ways may include discount codes and coupons. What is better than getting your favorite kratom strains at the most reasonable prices delivered to your doorstep? Nothing, right? With online purchases, you get to enjoy some quality strains without stepping outside.

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How to spend less while buying your favorite strains?

Here are some pro-tips that help you buy Kratom without causing much damage to your pocket. 

Buying in bulk

Bulk Kratom

Did you know that you can purchase strains of incredibly high-quality at much lower prices when you buy in bulk? Well, this is a secret that not many enthusiasts know.

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Utilizing Coupon Codes

Many websites offer discount codes and voucher codes, making the whole purchase more affordable for their consumers. On our website, NO COUPON CODE REQUIRED. The website price has been adjusted to automatically reflect 40% discount on all purchases providing equal saving opportunities for all.

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Availing Free Shipping Services

Shipping charges always feel like an extra burden, and nobody wants to pay high shipping fees. Let’s face it: scoring free shipping always feels good, especially when reasonable powder prices complement it. Does your order total exceed the $40 limit? 

Then it will be sent via priority mail, one of the fastest delivery options for your package. When dispatched this way, orders are delivered in a matter of days, either domestically or internationally. Say goodbye to waiting for your Kratom for too long. With Authentic Kratom, your favorite strain is already on its way!


The best thing you can do is compare prices and customer reviews of various vendors. In this way, you will get to know the best in terms of both quality and cost. It is not impossible to find a kratom vendor that is both reasonable and consistently provides quality. In fact, you have already landed on one. Explore our website to get your hands on some of the best kratom products.