how to make kratom tea with kratom powder?

Drinking tea is a tricky way of consuming kratom as many consumers like the bitter aftertaste while others get anxious due to it. Will you be able to take down a cup of kratom tea or not? Well, there is only one way to find out! We try to bring better ways for Speciosa Mitragyna consumers to benefit from this perennial tree of Southeast Asia. The alkaloids can give you the needed punch if you take a relaxing cup of tea every morning! Here are some tips and tricks to make delicious kratom tea that you will never want to miss!

Kratom Tea: Why Is It Better?

Tea is the best way to enjoy the relaxing and tranquil effects of kratom. It can be cold tea, or hot tea, according to individual choice, but it remains a great way to keep a tab on the dosage. It is always a great idea to use ketum products wisely, and tea making ensures that all the alkaloids become available as you let the powder brew.

Kratom belongs to the Rubiaceae family and provides stimulation like coffee. Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia along with other countries in Southeast Asia have all-natural and wild forests full of Speciosa Mitragyna trees. However, the stimulating effect of alkaloids in the leaves and stems of this tree has made it popular the world over. In the west, there are hundreds of online shops and vendors that sell ketum products. Kratom powders of various strains can be used to make tea in various strengths and concentrations.

Using French Press For Kratom Tea

Brewing tea is just like making coffee. Using French press for this may be an excellent idea. All coffee aficionados rave about the easy yet excellent way of using French Press. Now, you can improve your kratom game by using this simple way! Interested? You can check out the video here, but remember that the dosage must be according to your requirement!

The Perfect Cup: Easy Steps To Make Delicious Kratom Tea

Tea making is different for everyone who prefers their beverage in a particular way. You may find many recipes online and after a few drinks, you might even decide to make changes the way you like! Kratom Powder Tea Recipe

In basic steps, even a newbie like me can prepare kratom tea. Follow these steps and enjoy a refreshing, yet relaxing cup of tea.

1. Before you start with the procedure, mark down your favorites for your cup of kratom tea. Yellow, white and green strains are an excellent pick! 

2. Check the freshness of your kratom leaves or powder stock. Speciosa Mitragyna leaves or powder must be fresh for you to enjoy the warm, refreshing beverage!

3. Fill up a tea pot with water, almost twice in the quantity needed. For example, if you need two cups of tea, use four cups of water initially.

4. Add the daily recommended dosage of kratom to this water. You may use crushed leaves or powder as you desire.

5. Turn the flame on, but make sure it does not make the water reach a boil. We only need the water to heat up! If you want to add any other substance to enhance impact, now is the time! 

6. Let the kratom tea simmer until the water is reduced to half its quantity.

7. At this point, you may add flavorings such as peppermint or any sweetener. 

8. Once you have added the flavoring, use a sieve to filter the leaves as you pour the steaming, aromatic tea in the cup.

9. Consume the tea while it is warm to tranquility the senses and immerse yourself in the goodness of authentic kratom.

10. It is best to make a fresh batch every time, instead of reheating the same tea twice. However, you may save this tea in the refrigerator too! No harm in using the same tea but if you are particular about aroma and the stimulating impact it brings, go for a new pot every time!

The different strains of kratom are the final factor in the difference in taste in each kind of kratom tea. The natural substance has a distinct fragrance and flavor that are strong and intense.  Some users like to add other natural ingredients such as ginger, or lemon. Some recipes also suggest using cinnamon or turmeric while preparing tea.

However, as we said before, it is all a personal choice! The most delicious kratom tea recipe will be the one that you tinker with until you get the desired flavor.

Pumpkin spice and other spices add their unique aftertaste to the kratom teapot! Moreover, adding sweeteners and syrups will also make the tea a worthwhile experience!

Making Tea With Fresh Kratom Leaves

There is no fixed formula for using kratom in a certain form for tea. Some recipes might suggest powder, while others may advise using crushed kratom leaves. It can be tough to find fresh, quality kratom leaves as the source of this tree is more than half a world away! Still, if you do get your hands on some fresh Mitragyna leaves, you can heat them in a pot of water. Make sure that you simmer these leaves on high flame, but not high enough to burn the leaves. Stir the leaves in water to homogenize the tea. Let the water in the pot simmer for half an hour so that it reduces to almost half, but try to not let it boil.

Strain this water into a teapot or cup and add cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, lemon, or honey according to your liking. Online stores sell chamomile, and lavender-infused tea bags as well, but these are a rare stock as users prefer plain kratom products that they can modify according to their taste.

Diluted Or Concentrated Tea

Kratom powder is a smart way to use this substance as the variety of items that can be made with this are numerous! Edibles, baked items, and drinks can all be consumed with powder. Kratom tea made with powder will also be a precise measurement of Speciosa that goes into one cup. While fresh leaves are a refreshing idea, kratom powder is a more accurate way to check the dosage. The scale can help you determine the amount of kratom powder you need for a cup. Furthermore, the contents of the powder are not strained out or left behind. The cup of tea contains all the powder, enriched with alkaloids!

The only drawback of using powder can be that you will have to stir the tea to keep the powder from settling at the bottom. Some people may complain that the powder causes slight irritation as they swallow.

If you simmer the kratom powder and water in half, this becomes a concentrated form and can be diluted to suit your taste buds. By combining equal parts of fresh water and kratom tea, you can dilute the tea to your suitable dosage.

Kratom Tea In Crock Pot Or Slow Cooker

Marinating tea may seem like an unknown concept but it is becoming very common nowadays. Users add the amount of kratom needed in a crockpot or slow cooker and leave it to simmer on very low heat. The warmth in the water is high enough to liberate the alkaloids but not enough to burn them! You can add any other substance that will enhance its flavor and effect. 

Some examples are:

  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Mint Leaves
  • Ginger
  • Camellia leaves

You can think of adding more than one substance to your favorite strain of kratom to boost the effects and taste.

Best Strains For Kratom Tea

A cup of tea should not taste horrible, and there are some strains that ensure good taste while other strains may be bitter or have an aftertaste that you despise. You can make tea from all and any kratom strains of your choice.

Yellow vein kratom strains work well with molasses and maple syrup and the delicious flavor will get you hooked! Similarly, green vein kratom strains will be an excellent choice with zingy flavors such as ginger or lemon. If you have a feeling of unease, red vein kratom strains will work best for you! Peppermint is also an excellent match for green vein kratom strains. When making tea, you must know what kinds of flavor will improve your experience. However, a certain type of Mitragyna strain that suits you can be made to taste better when you accentuate the taste with good flavorings that add value to your cup and give you the punch of energy and motivation that you desire!