How Long Does Kratom Stay Fresh? What Is The Shelf Life?

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your herbal stimulants go down the trash chute. If you’ve wasted perfectly good Kratom before, nothing is more regrettable, either. And if you haven’t, yes, it happens - but thankfully, there are ways to avoid this scenario. Have you ever heard of kratom shelf life before? Did you know that you could extend the life of your organic supplements by two or three times? If you want to know how? keep scrolling!

What Is Shelf Life?

Every product, especially organic ones, have their specific shelf lives. They vary considerably depending on the nature and quality of the product. Shelf life refers to how long you can consume or use something at its prime. 

Kratom is still new to the West side of the world, so most of us aren't aware of its shelf life. You need the herb to stay fresh, to give you that kick you need for the day. But how? That's our discussion for the day, so read on! 

How Long Does Kratom Stay Good On Shelf?

Buying Kratom in bulk would be an issue if you don’t know how long it will last you. In leaf and powder form, Kratom can live on the shelf for two to three months. If you want to enjoy fresh, aromatic Kratom without monitoring its state, you should test it the same month it was picked off the farm. How Long Does Kratom Stay Good On Shelf?

Remember that your vendor may also give you a stored product at times. That means your Kratom has a thinner lifetime than you expect. Prolonging this shelf life is a challenging task that requires your vested effort.

How To Increase The Kratom Shelf Life?

Now that we’re aware of Kratom shelf life range, we can move on to the next phase: preserving it. If you don’t store your Kratom right, you may expose it to adverse environmental conditions, resulting in fungal growth. The alkaloids present may lose their effectiveness if not cared for properly. Conversely, being responsible and caring with your Kratom strain can make it last longer. It’s no rocket science - all you need are the useful tips and tricks we’ll share today! 

Your plant supplements are constantly under attack by atmospheric conditions, environmental factors, and human error. All herbal and organic herbs are sensitive to a fluctuating storage state. Sunlight, air, moisture, interaction with other products - it all affects your herbs' freshness. 

We've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, Kratom is no different when it comes to decay influenced by the environment. However, the good news is, we're here to help you take measures to preserve your herbaceous plant!

Ways To Preserve Kratom On Shelf Perfectly

Now we know what shelf life is and the importance of keeping your plant stimulants fresh for research results. Are you wondering how you can preserve and can make Kratom shelf life more? Did you know that you can keep these goods alive and effective for three months or more? Let’s move on to some of the perfect ways to store your product! 

Store In A Dark Place

The thing with most herbs is: they hate sunlight. UV rays mess up their properties. In this case, excessive exposure to sunlight will lead to quicker decay. So, while you are rearranging your kitchen cabinets, spare a dark corner to store your herbs that would otherwise get destroyed on the kitchen counter.

Now, a dark corner might be the best place to store. There's a downside, though: the darker your storage space, the more fertile it is for microorganism growth, which might wreak havoc on your storage. Ensure you keep the corner as clean as possible and occasionally use a sterilizing liquid or some baking soda. Avoid placing any other herb in its proximity, thats how you can make kratom shelf life better.

Avoid Direct Contact With Oxygen

Oxygen might be necessary for us to survive, but there's an opposite effect on specific herbs. Excessive interaction with oxygen leads to the kratom shelf life oxygenation of most organic products. It often produces a degraded byproduct that's pretty nasty to deal with.

For example, Mitragynine decomposes to Mitragynine Pseudoindoxil when exposed to oxygen for more extended periods. Remember that Mitragynine is the chief alkaloid that exhibits the desired response on our brain receptors. When it is altered, your Kratom is good for the trash can. Ensure you don't leave your storage bag unsealed for prolonged periods - it will cost you.

Get Double Seals, Zipper Ties And Avoid Moisture

Before you place an order for your Kratom stash, go shopping for products that will help you store better. Double seals and zipper ties are a must-have, even if you don't live in a very humid environment. The moisture does gradually build up in the kitchen and threaten the freshness of your plant supplements. You can never be too careful when it comes to botanical sensitivity to degradation and vulnerability to mold growth.

Invest In Good Airtight Containers

An airtight container is never a bad investment. When it comes to organic substances, it's the best investment! The airless conditions inside allow long-term storage and slow down the decomposition process. Using an airtight container will rid you of all your worries.

Do Not Use A Wet Spoon

When scooping out the product, especially if it's in powder form, avoid using a wet spoon. The moisture seeps into your precious herbs before you know it. Plant-based supplements usually have a dry nature - moist conditions become breeding grounds for all kinds of pesky molds. So fight them off by being careful!

Avoid Mixing Old With Fresh Kratom

Here's a storage law for you: never mix two strains of product! When you combine your months' old supply with the new shipment, you're not reviving the old herbs. Instead, you're aging the fresh ones! Mixing stale, degraded Kratom with the new one can speed up chemical reactions that lead to decaying. You'll have to throw away your new supply if you can't enjoy it at its prime.

Finish your opened pack of Kratom before moving on to the new one. No matter how careful you are, this plant's shelf life does not exceed three months once you open its packaging. Even if you have loads of products in storage, always use different storage bags. We advise you to write the date of opening on each package to know better when to discard the old storage products.

Tea Leaves Pick Up Foul Odors Quickly

Tea leaves have delicate chemistry and soft smells. That's what makes them so soothing. Be vary from what surrounds your kratom storage containers. These tea leaves are quick to pick foul odors like garlic or onions. Make sure everything smells neutral near your plant strains.

Purchase From Authentic Sellers

Do your research before placing an order. Many countries consider the herb safe for consumption and a great alternative to other stimulants. Does yours? Where do you get your Kratom? Is your buyer selling FDA-approved products? Keep a vigilant eye on a skeptic before you purchase your goods. Read reviews on the product's quality from the customer feedback section. Only once you're convinced should you place an order.

Make Sure The Packaging Is Sealed On Delivery

When your shipment gets delivered to your front door, keep your happy dance on hold. Make sure to inspect the packaging and whether the manufacturers sealed it beforehand. In the case of improper packaging, call the company you ordered from because your product might have decayed even before you opened it.

Order In Small Quantities Initially

When placing an order, try ordering as little as possible if you're buying from a new vendor. Order less if you have little experience with Kratom, too. Storing this plant isn't child's play. You don't want your tea leaves to get stale and useless, do you? It'll just render them unsafe for consumption. 

If you want to purchase Kratom in bulk and keep it fresh for two months at the least - steer clear of suspicious vendors! A test run will help you assess your weekly consumption and the product's shelf-life. When you're satisfied, order your next supply, and stack the piles to what feels right for you.

Do Your Homework

Before you place an order, do your research. If you're a procrastinator, we're here for you! Go through our research again to keep your supplement fresh and stimulant. Here are all the points we discussed in this post:

  • Make sure you have all the supplies required to store your Kratom.
  • Dedicate free time to keeping your kitchen or storage area clean.
  • Invest in the right storage products.
  • Use well-written labels to differentiate between different ages and brands.
  • Use a clean spoon or utensil to scoop out some product if it's in powder form.
  • Place a silica gel in your container if you're storing Kratom pills.
  • Vacuum seals are a great option to increase this plant's shelf life.
  • Immediately stop using if you experience a different taste or smell.

Plant-based supplements are more prone to losing their freshness, but you can do a lot to avoid that. We hope we've done our part to enrich your everyday Kratom experience!