White Bali Kratom vs. White Borneo Kratom

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When it comes to Kratom strains, Whites are the most popular ones among its enthusiasts.

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is one of the most beautiful natural plants whose leaves are its fruit, allowing us to experience the wonderfulness it bears.

As most people have access to plenty of knowledge about Kratom now, thanks to various kratom platforms, many are aware of mitragyna strains.

Here we will discuss two white strains (White Bali and White Borneo) and compare how they are different.

Origin and Name

Kratom is a pervasive term, and a system is present to sort different types out according to their origin, ways of production, and effects.

White Bali Kratom Origin

As the name suggests, this strain of wonder herb originates from Bali, a lovely tourist spot in Indonesia. However, white Bali Kratom doesn't stem from Bali but from a very full of wildlife and rainforests Island called Borneo. Borneo has the richest soil, most suitable for growing the herbal jewel White Bali Kratom. White Bali gets its name because a port transported it located in Bali.

White Borneo Kratom Origin

The difference in names doesn't stem because of different growing areas but to ensure that users understand that there is a difference between the two strains of herb, even though they grew up in the same mother soil.

Differences in Fermentation and Production

White Kratom is named white because the leaves from which this herb class comes contain white veins. White veins are present in younger mitragyna leaves after white veins turn red and then green hence making green the most mature leaves.

White Bali Kratom, as well as white Borneo Kratom, both come from white vein leaves. However, the difference lies in how they are dried and fermented.


After the first steps of sorting leaves and washing them to remove any dirt and impurity, the herb is dry.

The drying method determines the alkaline content present in the end product; the higher the content, the more potent the product.

White Bali Kratom is sun dried and White Borneo Kratom; however, the duration is different. Borneo being less sun-dried and more in the dark makes it richer in alkaline content as it doesn't lose its potency due to sunlight altering the alkaloid found in the leaves.

White Bali is more dried and hence has lesser and milder effects.

Adding Bones (veins)

No, this doesn't mean bones. Don't be afraid of these bones as they refer to the bones of the leaves that are Veins. The White veins come by crushing the leaves, and only the vein is left. The farmers claim that the veins or bones contain the most alkaloid content, and hence adding them to the white kratom increases the potency and effects.

More bones are present in White Borneo Kratom, making it more robust than the milder White Bali Kratom.

Differences in effects of White Bali and White Borneo Kratom

Both white Strains of Kratom originate from the same ground and trees but are different in what they have to offer. It depends on the consumer's demands and choosing whichever they find the best for them. All we can provide is the best possible help by stating the facts.

White Bali Kratom effects

After discussions and reading many many reviews by people who have personally used this strain of wellness herb mitragyna Speciosa it is safe to say white Bali is the mildest member of its clan when taken in low and moderate doses. Users seem to describe the results as boosting as well as relaxing.

White Borneo Kratom effects

The Kratom enthusiasts also have their take on this other gift from Indonesia. White Borneo Kratom is a potent herb as it has the highest alkaline content after white maeng da Kratom. Many explained it is euphoric and energizing.

Best Doses for White Bali and White Borneo Kratom

Before going further with the amounts to be taken, few things are essential to know for the better of the consumers.

The exact amount one body needs depends on many variable factors, including:

  • Bodyweight and height.

  • For how long has the user been taking Kratom.

  • The kind of intensity one wants.

However, to give a general idea, considering the average variables, the best and safest doses for these Kratom are:

White Bali Dose

Two grams to five grams, new consumers should start at the lowest possible amount and then build-up to the amount they find the best for them. For people looking for intense effects and relaxation, 5 grams is the most recommended dose.

White Borneo Dose

The powerful one; is usually used by people well familiar with the whites and are looking for something very stimulating. The best doses lie between 2-8 grams for an average human.

Ways of Consumption

It seems like a very lame question but trust me when you have the bitter earthy kratom taste with the wonders we are all familiar with; one needs to know the hacks for its consumption.

Many Kratom lovers still use the best and old-fashioned method, called the toss and wash method, but it is not suitable for people who cannot stand Kratom tastes. Some other newer ways are:

  • Make tea

  • Add in your morning Smoothie 

  • Make a breakfast cereal and add a spoonful of Kratom goodness to it.

  • Use it with any syrup like honey or maple to mask its taste.

Price differences between White Bali and white Borneo Kratom

We all love something that gives you the best comfort and doesn't go heavy on our pockets, making it a winner. Here are a few price comparisons making it further easier for you to make the best decision for yourself.

White Bali Kratom price ranges:

Different vendors offer different prices, which usually depends on the quality and popularity of the vendor. The below-given ranges are an average of the prices shown by leading vendors in the Kratom industry. 

  • White Bali Kratom powder: 39.99- 89.99

  • White Bali Kratom capsules:5.99-134.99

White Borneo Kratom price ranges:

This strain has a slightly higher market value and hence a little higher price ranges:

  • White Borneo Kratom powder: 49.99-99.99

  • White Borneo Kratom capsules: 8.99- 140.99.


The two most popular and widely used members, White Bali Kratom and White Borneo Kratom possess the most beautiful properties in their unique ways.

White Bali is the milder form of White Borneo hence more suitable for new consumers, and White Borneo is the go-to for users looking for a powerful effect.

Best in their ways, the choice is for the consumers to read and choose the best for them.