How To Make Kratom Soap?

It looks like we have a kratom enthusiast here who wants to get the most out of this magical herb in the form of kratom soap. Since kratom soap is the newest entry in the Mitragyna market, enthusiasts are wondering whether it would be a good fit for their skincare regime, how to make kratom soap quickly, how to use it, and what would be the ultimate effects?

Over the last two decades, users are more concerned about the products they are using on their skin, what ingredients they contain and what would be the effects they should be expecting.

Unlike synthetic skincare products, the natural ones are sure-shot worth all your hard-earned cash since they are infused with entirely natural herbs and beneficial plants. Mitragyna Speciosa has a history of topical use in Thailand and Malaysia and has helped numerous users with its anti-oxidizing properties.

In this piece, you will get all your concerns resolved the right way concerning Mitragyna Speciosa soap, and trust me you won’t get over this natural herbal product ever. So let’s get straight into it and learn how to make kratom soap from scratch to reap those health-boosting effects.

Can you use kratom for soap making?

If you are wondering whether you can really use Kratom for soap making, you have got it right. You can make your very own kratom soap at home, play around with your favorite essential oils, herbs, and dried flowers, infuse them in your favorite Mitragyna Speciosa strain and create a personalized version of this amazing botanical in the form of soap.

Since we have a few vendors who are selling Mitragyna Speciosa soap, it would be best to learn how to make kratom soap properly and keep a bulk amount in stock to get the most out of your shower routines.

Everything you need to know about Kratom Soap

That’s true; nothing can beat the excitement when it comes to Mitragyna Soap. Just like other botanical soaps, kratom soap is made by infusing Mitragyna Speciosa (mostly in the form of a powder) in the regular soap recipe.

It is entirely up to you what strain you would choose, but White Borneo, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Green Elephant are a few of the strains that are mostly used by the users.

Can you make kratom soap at home?

Yes, you can make Mitragyna soap at home, just be particular about the recipe we would shortly explain, follow the steps the way they are, and TADA! You are good to go.

The easiest recipe explaining how to make Kratom soap with powder at home

After going through extensive research and user experiences, we have brought an easy-to-follow recipe for you. Ensure that you have all the essential ingredients available and that the creative champ inside you is ready to steal the show!

Six essential kratom soap ingredients you must have at home

Let’s kick-start!

You have to prepare your workspace, open the nearby window, and allow the fresh air to enter inside. Go through the ingredient list mentioned below and gather everything.

You will need the following ingredients to prepare kratom soap.

1) 2 pounds of glycerin

2) Your favorite carrier oil – palm, coconut, or olive (1 cup)

3) Your favorite kratom powder – 6oz

4) Dried flower petal of your choice

5) Vegetable dye

6) Essential oils for a pleasing aroma

How to make Kratom soap – step by step DIY guide for Mitragyna enthusiasts

Finally, the most exciting part of this piece is here.

Kratom soap making is an easy yet creative way to revive the skincare regime your skin deserves. So let’s start with the step-by-step guide to preparing Mitragyna Speciosa soap.

Step # 1 Melting Glycerin 

First of all, you have to cut down glycerine into smaller cubes and melt it in a bain-marie or double boiler. Make sure that the flame is low otherwise the glycerine may stick around the pan. Keep stirring slowly until the whole glycerin melts down and forms a thick liquid paste.

Step # 2 Mix Essential oil of your choice

Whether you are a fan of lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus oil, it is entirely up to you how you customize your kratom soap. Here’s a list of some recommended oils you can use and the resulting benefits they would provide with Mitragyna.

  1. Coconut oil would help fight fungus.

  2. Argan oil helps get rid of stretch marks. 

  3. Jojoba oil would help ease the dryness

  4. CBD oil can help with itchiness and pain relief

  5. Hazelnut oil will tighten your pores and help remove the blemishes

You can use any of these oils or a mixture of your favorite ones (they should make 1 cup for 2 pounds of glycerin)and have boosted effects on your skin along with the all-rounder kratom herb.  Once the glycerin melts completely, you have to add the essential oil of your choice and give it a quick stir again.

Step # 3 Add dried flower petals, kratom powder, and vegetable dye

You can add the dried flower petals, kratom powder, and vegetable dye of your choice once the mixture of glycerin and essential oils cools down to room temperature. Here’s a list of dried botanicals that can take your DIY kratom soap recipe to a whole new level. 

1) Calendula

2) Chamomile

3) Comfrey 

4) Goldenseal

5) Lemon balm

6) Lavender

7) Peppermint or mint

8) Rosemary

Step # 4 Go with your favorite shapes

It's time to play with shapes and add your soap mixture into the molds. It would be best to go with silicone soap molds since they are reusable and safe. You can get a never-ending variety of different modern soap designs in silicone molds.

Make sure you brush the mold with alcohol to avoid bubble formation. Pour your soap mixture into your preferred mold, and let it settle down for a while.

At this stage, you can add dry flower petals and give them a quick stir.

Step # 5 Soap curing process

The soap curing process the 24-26hours if you are using glycerin as a base. Once the bars are hard enough, you can take them out and store them properly for future use.

Note: if you have used heavy oils like olive oil and coconut oil, make sure you turn the bars every day. The heavier oils may take up to a week for a proper curing process.

How to make kratom soap in bulk?

Do you want to keep a bulk supply for future use? Just double the ingredients mentioned above and you will ultimately end up making a huge stock.

How to make kratom soap last longer?

To make your kratom soap last longer you have to follow the right storage hacks for better shelf life.

1) Make sure you cover the soap with soap paper as soon as it turns hard.

2) Do not let the glycerin-based kratom soap interact with heat. Therefore your storage area should be cool.

3) Moisture can form glycerin dew on your soap bar which may promote the formation of fungus. Therefore it is essential to keep the storage area dry.4) You can go for a cooler, darker, and moisture-free cabinet for storing your soap bars for longer use.

How to use kratom soap to alleviate your shower routines?

To reap all the health-boosting benefits of kratom, make sure you take bath with it the right way. Here’s how you can take your shower to the next level with Mitragyna Speciosa soap. 

  1. Clean your hands and make leather in your hands. 

  2. Cleanse your face gently for 2minutes with leather, and go for a slow circular motion with just fingertips touching your skin.

  3. Now scrub your neck, shoulder, and go down till the toes and feet, forming a rich leather over your body. 

  4. Now grab a luffa and scrub every part of your body properly. 

  5. Let the soap stay on your body for 3-5minutes and then rinse it off.

Note: Make sure you use a clean towel for drying yourself.

10 solid Kratom soap benefits you must cherish  

Do you know kratom soap can help you with numerous skin-related issues? The alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine interact with your skin locally and condition your skin for a brighter shine. Here are 10 kratom soap benefits you must treasure for healthier skin.

1) Not harmful like other synthetic soaps

Since synthetic soaps are infused with chemicals and other harmful substances, they may react with your skin and cause skin-related issues. Kratom soap comes up as a prominent savior for all those who are looking for something made out of natural herbs. It is safe for all skin types and pretty effective.

2) Rejuvenates and cleanses the skin

Kratom soap is a natural skin cleanser that helps remove all the impurities and rejuvenates your skin for a long time. It adds a prominent shine and brightness that can be instantly seen, making you fall in love with your skin.

3) Makes you relaxed, stress-free, and contended

Mitragynine and 7-Hdyroxy-Mitragynine help reduce the cortisol hormone (stress hormone) and make you feel contented, relaxed, and happier. Users inform an intense and longer-lasting relaxation right after they come out of the bath.

4) Antibacterial properties

With its antibacterial properties, you can enjoy germ-free skin with Mitragyna soap. The alkaloids of Mitragyna Speciosa kill the bacteria resting over your skin, leaving behind fresh and soothing skin.

5) Helps with joint and muscle pain

If you are struggling with any joint or muscle pain, give a shot to kratom soap and you would just get enough of the effects. You will experience the pain-relieving effects of 7-hydroxy-mitragynine within 20-30minutes, make sure you gently scrub the painful area for 5-7 minutes.

6) Moisturizes the skin

The essential oils mixed in kratom soap leave a completely moisturized skin right after you come out of the bath. The silky smoothness and softness of the skin skip the requirement of any post-bath moisturizing cream.

7) Helps treat Red skin syndrome, Psoriasis, and Eczema

If you have skin-related diseases like Red Skin Syndrome, Psoriasis, and Eczema, you can count on Mitragyna soap and see the results for yourself.

8) No more uneven skin and dry patches

Dry patches and uneven skin are pretty common and no matter how many different ointments you try, you struggle hard to find the ONE most effective one for your skin type. According to user reviews, we can suggest that kratom soap can help even your skin tone and eliminate the dry patches.

9) Natural exfoliator for all skin types

Kratom soap helps get rid of the dead skin on the top layer of your skin. It acts as a natural exfoliator and leaves behind a glowy freshness with an aromatic fragrance.

10) Helps with inflammation and itchiness

If you have been feeling itchy in a particular area of your skin, and the inflammation is hard to tolerate, try scrubbing the infected area with kratom soap. Gently scrub for 5-7minutes and rinse with cold water. According to user experiences, the soap helps with itchiness and inflammation that cause an intense burn over your skin.

Note: You may feel slightly dehydrated with Mitragyna Speciosa hence make sure you drink a glass of water before taking a bath with kratom soap and right after you get out of the shower.

Final Thoughts

In this piece, we extensively covered “how to make kratom soap”. With the DIY recipe mentioned above, you can make this priceless soap right at your home and add your favorite botanicals and essential oils to customize it as per your needs.

With the antibacterial, exfoliating, moisturizing, and inflammation-fighting properties of Mitragyna soap, you can take your skincare regime to a whole new level. Moreover, you can also give a Kratom soap gift set to your loved ones and make their day.

Let us know how your experience turned out and what strain did you use?