Is There A Difference Between Kratom Extract And Kratom Powder?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen plant that is the common name for the Mitragyna Speciosa. This plant belongs to the coffee family and has similar stimulating effects to caffeine. The Kratom plant is native to the region of South Asia, especially countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The plant is used to treat general body discomfort, provide calmness, and recreation. The leaves of the plant are either chewed or smoked for the effects.

Kratom is available in different forms in the market, from various pills, capsules, and powders to more refined tinctures and extracts. It can get a bit complex when you're looking for the best kind of Kratom product.

Mostly, Kratom is available in two forms; Kratom extracts and Kratom powder. Today, we learn how these differ from one another in their effects, prices, and appearance.

What Is Kratom Extract? 

Kratom extract is one of the major forms available in the market today. An extract is simply a highly concentrated form of a pure substance. 

Kratom extract is obtained in the same way Kratom powder is as well. The only true difference between the two is that Kratom extract is more refined, purified, and concentrated. It means you're getting more alkaloids within an extract than the powder. 

What Is The Extraction Process For Kratom? 

The Kratom leaves are taken, thoroughly washed, and dried before being crushed into a fine powder. This powder or even the non-dried leaves are then boiled for an extensive-time period. Once boiled, the liquid is passed through a filter to remove all the solid particulate matter.

The extract, or the liquid retained after the straining process, is then slowly heated to evaporate more water molecules. With time, the water molecules evaporate, allowing the alkaloids to concentrate until a thick paste is left behind. 

This paste is then spread out into sheets, dried out, and blended into a powder again. This powder is the pure concentrated extract of Kratom that is then packaged up and sent to the market. 

What Is The Appearance Of Kratom Extracts? 

Most Kratom extracts are available in the form of purified powders. Very rarely do extracts come in the liquid form, and that has to do with the stability of the product. Most people prefer tinctures instead, as the alcohol in a tincture allows for more shelf life. Thus, to increase shelf life, vendors often sell Kratom extracts as powders that users can mix into liquids.

Liquid extracts are often used as booster shots, but they can be dangerous if used without caution. 

How Can You Identify A Kratom Extract From A Kratom Powder?

It can be difficult to differentiate between a Kratom Powder and a Kratom extract available as a powder. And because of this reason, you can likely get scammed by wrong labeling or promotions.

Even though it is best to buy your Kratom supplies from trusted vendors, it is good to know some distinguishing factors between the two items. It is much easier to identify liquid Kratom extracts, though.

As the extract is a highly concentrated form of an alkaloid, it has a shaper odor than normal Kratom powder. Likewise, an extract is darker in color as most of the plant matter has been boiled and strained off, so you can easily observe that a normal Kratom powder would be paler than an extract powder. 

What Is Kratom Powder? 

The most popular method of consumption for Kratom is by mixing its powder into juice or a glass of water. Kratom powder is a simple concept involving crushing dried-up leaves into fine dust. Kratom Powder is the most produced Kratom product on the market as it is very easily produced and is often bought more than the plant matter itself. 

How Is Kratom Powder Prepared? 

As simple, Kratom powder is a non-concentrated form, it doesn't involve any boiling or evaporation. The leaves of the Kratom plant are obtained, washed, and dried till the leaves are crips and can be ground down or blended into a fine powder. This powder is then utilized or incorporated into other forms of products. 

What Are The Other Forms Of Kratom Powder? 

Kratom powder can be used as-is or incorporated into different pills and capsules to allow ease in swallowing. This process is done especially to combat the plant's bitter taste when consuming it directly in powder form. 

Kratom Powder vs. Kratom Extract

Now the real question begins. Since Kratom is available as both an extract and a better powder? Why is there a need for an extract to begin with? Is there something a powder is not fulfilling that an extract might? To understand this better, let us discuss some distinguishing factors that set apart the two products and how one might be more optimal than the other.

  • Potency: Kratom extracts are much more potent and alkaloid rich than powders. This potency is due to the production process where all the water is removed, and the useful alkaloids are concentrated into a thick paste. A greater potency means a greater effect in a smaller time frame. Thus, you're going to get more pronounced effects from an extract than a powder. 

  • Digestion: This is a double-edged sword. Both Kratom powder and extract are available in powder form. Usually, it takes the body a long time to break down particulate matter compared to a liquid. The Toss and Wash method is preferred with the Kratom powder to make swallowing easier, but this also allows for some of the water to make the digestion process easier. A liquid extract has a much better chance of easily being digested into the body than the powder form. It is already available as a liquid and easier for the stomach to process. 

  • Safety: There is not that big of a difference in the safety profile of both powder and extracts. In essence, if you're aware of the doses of each and how to consume the right amount effectively, you should be good. The issue arises when people experiment with high doses infrequently. This high dosing can be concerning and serve as a health hazard. 
  • Affordability: Kratom extracts are much more expensive than traditional Kratom powders. This cost includes the production of the extract as it is a time-consuming process that involves multi-stage processing and all of that requires a lot of energy and money. So,if you're not willing to go all out on an extract, Kratom powder is a much safer bet as it is cheaper to produce and is sold at a more reasonable price. 

What Is The Kratom Extract Ratio?

When you buy a bottle of Kratom extract, you can see that a ratio is most often mentioned on the labeling. This ratio looks like "2:1, 3:1 or even 2x, 5x," etc. So, what does this ratio refer to? 

As Kratom extract is a more concentrated form of traditional Kratom powder, this ratio refers to the concentration and potency compared to normal powder. 

An extract having a ratio of 2:1 means that the extract is twice as concentrated or twice as potent as the normal powder of Kratom. 

This ratio is important to note as it plays an important part in dosing and effects. You'll need a lesser amount of an extract to achieve the same effect produced by the powder with a higher dose. 

What Makes People Prefer One Over The Other? 

Now that we understand how extracts and powders work and how they are produced, we can decipher why people prefer one over the other. People consider the following things when making their selection:

  1. Dosage: Extracts require a lesser dose than a typical Kratom powder. With Kratom powders, you have to gradually increase the dose until you get the desired product, which can at times exceed 1-2 grams. While with extracts, you do not need that much as it is highly concentrated and gets the job done much more quickly and effectively in a smaller quantity. It is best to start with a powder if you're a beginner, though, as it will help you understand the right dose for you. 
  2. Concentration: Some people are picky about their products and only want the finest for themselves, and rightfully so! When you're investing in something that costs a lot, you want 100% of it. People often go for extracts simply because they want that alkaloid hit and want it in a smaller dose and at a quicker time. This statement holds for regular users who often crave a stronger hit of Kratom than what they're used to and even for those who want to switch up their Kratom routine. 

  3. A Change Of Pace: People can easily tire out and get bored of the same thing repeatedly and would like to experiment with new things or experience a different feeling. Indulging in different forms of Kratom extracts and powders allows for a change of routine. Also, it helps mix up strains, formulations, and dosages that can prevent the development of tolerance. 

  4. Side Effects: Another big thing that comes to mind when selecting a product is the side effects. These side effects are mostly linked to the dose and how much Kratom is being consumed. However, it is observed that with dry powder, people are more likely to experience indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort. Extracts have most of the plant matter removed, and thus, there is no extra particulate matter to be digested, and thus, there are lesser side effects.
  5. Cost: People go for Kratom powders simply because they are cheaper and get their desired fix. Even when an extract offers more in terms of its effects and ease of digestion, it is very costly to purchase the same amount of extract. But some fanatics or Kratom enthusiasts speak highly about extracts and insist it's worthwhile to invest in it as an extract will still last you longer than a normal powder as you'll use less of it. 

Why Should You Buy Premium Kratom Products? 

Many online vendors have different options available for clients all across the globe that are seeking out Kratom. To a point, it has become a very saturated market and, in becoming so, has gotten a lot shadier.

Always buy from trusted and reviewed vendors that sell on reputable sites, and always make sure that you're buying premium products. It is better to get something trustworthy than to save a dollar on something more cheaply made and can be harmful. 

End Conclusion

It is up to the user what they prefer and how they choose to consume Kratom. It also means that different people have different price points sets, which they keep in mind before making decisions.

You're all set as long as you're purchasing something safe for consumption, is tested in a verified and registered lab, and has gone through a quality control process. Always ensure what you're putting into your body, whether it's safe.