Kratom Toss And Wash Vs Capsules - Which Is Better?

People today have begun to believe in Kratom's miraculous healing powers - powers that are even proved by the latest scientific research. Numerous studies have brought Kratom’s properties into the limelight. Kratom toss and wash vs Capsules, do you know anything about it?

This ultimately instills a lot of curiosity among the public to try it at least once. Ultimately, the next concern arising is how on earth to consume Kratom?

Well, the good news is; the Kratom industry has come a long way. Over the years, it has tremendously evolved to devise a plethora of consumption methods. These can be quite overwhelming or confusing for a new user.

We are here to talk about the two most popular methods: toss and wash and pop down capsules.

So, on the one hand, we have the “go-to”, bread-and-butter preferred by avid kratom enthusiasts - an almost ‘artisanal’ method involving a spoonful of powder and a hearty sip of water, juice, or your favorite beverage. On the other hand, the kratom toss and wash vs capules is the choice of those who value convenience and simplicity of swallowing capsules instead.

Alas, the question remains, which one is right for you?

Well, just like other decisions in life, this might also be simply a matter of personal choice, with your lifestyle, taste, and preferences all playing the critical influencing factors.

Therefore, it is essential and in your best interest to comprehensively educate yourself on both these methods' ins and outs. Stick around, discover the cons and pros, and learn how to derive the best experience with each of them.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder, or powdered kratom, is the most common presentation of the plant. Ever since the locals discovered the herb, taking finely ground powder was their go-to ingestion method and traditionally preferred over other supplement forms. The manufacturing process involves removing the fiber-like veins and stems, drying them up, and then crushing the dried leaves into powder.

Even today, it is kratom toss and wash vs capsules is best alternative for those looking to get the best ‘bang for the buck’.

Thanks to its low production costs, the powder is available at a fairly lower price than any other kratom product. Another reason why powdered kratom is top-favored by connoisseurs lies in its quick impact and efficiency.

Whether you ingest kratom toss and wash vs capsules it directly, wash it down with your favorite beverage or add it to another recipe, your body will immediately digest it, allowing you to enjoy the impact in no time. On the contrary, capsules take relatively longer to work as their shells need to get disintegrated before the powder inside.

However, powdered Kratom might not be the right choice if you’re looking to enjoy the plant at your discretion or while traveling. It will be quite an ordeal to carry around a sizable bag, a scale, and a spoon to measure and then toss it during office hours, working out, or amidst a social gathering.

How To ‘Toss And Wash’ Kratom Vs Capsules?

Offering a simple and measurable way to benefit from the plant, the toss, and wash method is an ages-old and trusted standby for kratom users. You will be surprised to know that many fascinating variations have emerged today - serving testament to its soaring popularity and adoption. And why not? After all, it makes your Kratom drinking experience a breeze. How To ‘Toss And Wash’ Kratom Vs Capsules?

The traditional toss and wash may not be ideal for beginners due to the bitter taste of powdered Kratom. It might rather taste repulsive for those not accustomed to strong flavors of coffee or pure dark chocolate.

However, if you happen to be a regular user or another enthusiastic newbie (with bitterness, not a deal-breaker), here’s how to toss and wash Kratom vs capsules:

  1. Measure your desired dose of kratom powder using a digital scale or a properly marked apparatus. 
  2. Pour yourself a glass of water or any other drink of your preference (orange juice, chocolate milk, lemonade, and coffee are great choices too).
  3. Carefully take your dose of Kratom into your mouth, making sure not to gasp or inhale it.
  4. Take a swig of water and let it mix with kratom in your mouth for a moment.
  5. Now wash it down thoroughly with the drink and relish the experience.

Pro Tip: With the toss and wash method, it boils on the user to whether they prefer a fast or slow-acting drink. For a more uplifting and ever-lasting experience, Kratom with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee is a good combo. While for a soothing sensation on a sunny afternoon or evening, Kratom with a cold beverage is worth indulging in.

The ‘Mix And Wash’ Alternative

So, the potent and pungent-tasting toss and wash isn’t your thing? 

Relax! We have got you covered.

A well-known alternative to the toss and wash method is, mixing and washing Kratom to avert the bitter flavor. It is best suited for those who want to get their powdered kratom dose in a more pleasing and palatable manner- minus the bitterness and risk of inhaling or choking on it. Here is how to do it:

  1. Measure your ideal dose of powdered Kratom and add it in a glass. 
  2. Pour a small amount of your favorite drink over Kratom and mix it with a spoon until it dissolves - or shake it if you are using a closed container. 

Note: You will get a partially dissolved suspension as the Kratom particles are water-insoluble.

  1. Pour yourself another glass of your favorite drink. 
  2. In a single swig, drink your kratom blend, wash it down with the other drink, and take your experience to the next level.

Kratom Capsules

Gear Up.

We are about to tell you the smartest way to skip the bitter taste of Kratom altogether. Or perhaps even carry it discreetly around neatly tucked in your pocket.

Capsules are a more practical approach to getting the most accurate dose without all the bells and whistles. They contain a pre-measured amount of powdered Kratom enclosed in a pill. Hence, they are insanely easy to dose without going through the hassle of using a scale or enduring the bitter taste of raw or powdered kratom.

Also, the fact that they are portable makes them a foremost choice for those who wish to keep them handy wherever they go. Who knows when you might need a quick fix for your discomfort or an instant boost?

The best part is that these capsules come in various shapes, flavors, strengths, and sizes - from as less as 0.5 grams to as high as 2 grams.

Perhaps, the only drawback of capsules is that they are a bit pricey compared to raw leaves or powder owing to the extra production steps and costs involved in the manufacturing of shells, processing, and then testing the entire thing. This ultimately translates into the higher pricing of the product.

Caution: Many consumers tend to take several capsules at a time to obtain the desired effect. The practice is highly discouraged as it poses a great threat to your health and life.

Pros Of The Toss And Wash Method

1) Quick and effective

2) Cheap

3) Allows for variations in flavors, and taste. One can think outside the box and create their Kratom masterpiece every time using a different side drink, a recipe, or a meal to make the experience more refreshing, palatable, and flavorsome.

Cons Of The Toss And Wash Method

1) It is a bit tricky to measure using complicated tools such as a digital scale, a spoon, etc.

2) It might create a mess and cause a loss of powder

3) One can inhale or choke on the powder

4) The bitter flavor is too much to handle

Pros Of Kratom Capsules

1) Easy to ingest

2) An Effortless way to measure your dose

3) No extra implements required

4) Excludes the bitter flavor of Kratom.

Cons Of Kratom Capsules

1) Takes longer to digest

2) It is expensive on the pocket

3) The effects take longer to surface

The Right Dosage

Just as any kratom product, knowing the right dosage is crucial for a pleasant experience and achieving the desired effect. Luckily, things are pretty straightforward on either end. Both powered and kratom capsules are available in varying potencies and strengths.

If you are new to Kratom, it is recommended to start slow. Even a small dose between 2 to 3 grams will allow you to enjoy its uplifting effects and boost your levels. On the other hand, bigger doses comprising 5 to 6 grams will render a strong sedative, relieving impact many patients seek to treat harsh discomforts.

Final Thoughts

Walk into any convenience store or pharmacy today, and you will see eye-catching Kratom supplements lining the shelves enough to entice any customer who walks in.

Despite the rampant awareness of Kratom's benefits and impact, many consumers are still uncertain about its appropriate usage. How much to add to your daily routine to treat specific health issues? How to use it for the best results?

Fortunately, the Kratom community has unleashed a whole lot of ways to tap on its therapeutic potential. Each method varies in how it interacts with the body and has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Whether you are a long-time user or just another curious newbie, there is an ideal method that will be just right for you. It will satisfy your taste buds and render pleasure like no other, and the choice boils down to individual preferences and lifestyle. Rest assured, no particular one is better or superior to the other.

While the reliability and acquired taste of powdered kratom have made many turn to the toss and wash method for their daily dosage, others prefer to eschew its bitterness and buy capsules due to its easiness and discretion despite the higher prices. However, we highly recommend opting for powder instead of capsules for beginners and calculate their dose accordingly.