What Is American Kratom Association? | AKA Origin & Goals

Do you know that approximately five million people in the US use kratom for various purposes? Five million is huge! But why do they use kratom? What Is American Kratom Association exactly do?

Kratom is a unique medicinal herb that serves multiple benefits. The research says that from relief to help with withdrawal, people use it for several reasons.

Most of the kratom enthusiasts must have heard of the acronym AKA, which abbreviates as American Kratom Association. You must be thinking what does American Kratom Association strives to do and for what reasons this organization was initiated.

So, folks, you will get to know “everything” right here in this article. From its emergence to present achievements, and you will know and figure out everything.

So let’s put the spotlight on the American Kratom Association!

The Beginning Of The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association was initiated in 2014, and officially established in 2016. The people at AKA work together in harmony to achieve the goals.

It is a non-profit organization entirely based on the kratom users and works out with the help of the revenues it has gained over time.

Being a non-profit organization, the AKA is not abide by paying the taxes. The earned amount is solely and used to benefit consumers by providing them with a right to choose and utilize kratom for different health-related reasons.

The people of the US face certain restrictions for using kratom, also AKA makes sure to look after and preserve the kratom consumer’s rights. AKA beliefs that every consumer has a right to go for his/her preferences that suite the way of living they have.

You must be curious here that how does American Kratom Association execute the targets mentioned above?

AKA has a strong belief that many people can bring a positive change in their life by incorporating kratom in their health regime. Currently, it is functioning to form a group of loyal kratom consumers that can represent kratom as a safe medicinal herb.

Moreover, American Kratom Association also helps people by providing all the information and evidence-based clarifications related to kratom and its health-related positives.

The controllers and legislature are instructed, and that’s how AKA supports the efforts for scientific research.

That was all about the activities AKA performs, now let’s move towards the objectives they have accomplished.

What Are The Goals Of The American Kratom Association?

American Kratom Association is ambitious to achieve the following goals:

1) To Be Supportive Towards Consumers

Kratom Support

The American Kratom Association believes that consumer’s necessities are mostly ignored by private and political parties of the US. This mindset has to be changed, because AKA is supporting the consumers to have a right to choose.

2) To Uplift The Awareness Worldwide

American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association demonstrates how kratom can be practically used, lets you know about the laws for kratom’s use in the USA and other countries, and provides knowledge about kratom through their website and volunteers.

3) To Bring Information To People About Kratom

There is no doubt that kratom is a helpful, and  also alternative for multiple conditions. The AKA is educating the public about the million-dollar benefits of kratom so they can easily and safely use it.

4) To Overhear The Suppressed Voices


Most of the Americans have an untold story, because all crushed in the subconscious. The American Kratom Association assists these individuals by listening to their views on a larger scale, thereby boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

5) To Secure The Natural Resource

Everyone out there wants to benefit from kratom’s outstanding medicinal effects. Therefore The American Kratom Association aims to be supportive of quality techniques for germinating and harvesting the kratom plant.

The AKA makes sure about the safe use of kratom, but because of the misrepresentation of scientific research, and they have faced challenging claims by the opposing parties. what is american kratom association

The American Kratom Association is looking forward to preserving the benefits of kratom by working on various aspects. The AKA’s launch took place a few years back, and it is now wholly developed organization. Let’s see what it has brought to the platform so far:

The GMP Compliance Program For Kratom

The primary reason behind initiating the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance program was to double-check that the kratom is tested, secured, and also improved in quality.

It will help kratom vendors to establish a high level of credibility among purchasers. The GMP compliance program is also critical to verify the standard quality of kratom.

The foremost reason behind initiating because this program was to preserve the kratom for its originality. Many vendors started contaminating it, and the testing and manufacturing practices were also not up to the mark.

The contaminated products when reached the USA’s public, they misinterpreted it for the original kratom and confused it as something very hazardous for health. These contaminated products represented the kratom industry, and for this reason, kratom was banned.

The GMP compliance program makes sure that all-natural kratom is reaching the users. The manufacturers have to go through an official audit to become an authentic vendor for AKA.

The examination consists of various guidelines that every kratom vendor has to follow to make a kratom business.

To Bring Awareness Among The General Public Of The USA

To put off the ban, AKA educates its consumers that had misconceptions about kratom. The proven truth and facts should be put forth to decide whether they should use kratom or not.

The AKA releases different materials to law-makers, suppliers, sellers, and government agencies, to bring awareness about kratom among the general public. The locals and others are much satisfied with kratom’s safe use.

Moreover, the American Kratom Association’S webpage updates the new findings of kratom, which helps people have an in-depth understanding of kratom.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act By The American Kratom Association

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act comes under the American Kratom Association and its advocates. Currently, it is implemented at the state level in the USA.

Once the state members approve the act, the kratom users can freely use kratom. Following are the benefits that consumers enjoy under this act:

  • To purchase kratom legally
  • To exempt the selling of contaminated and hazardous kratom which may cause undesirable effects

Why Is Kratom At Risk Of Getting Contaminated?

The kratom is a bit unlucky when it comes to the systematic and reliable regulating system for its manufacturing and export. People find it challenging to recognize whether the kratom they are going to use is safe or hazardous for their health.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act plays a vital role in eliminating the contaminated kratom products at the industrial level.

The act has some key-points that may differ across the states because every state follows its own rules for making laws, but generally, the bill stays similar across the countries.

Let’s see what the leading guidelines are:

  1. To define kratom accurately.
  2. To instruct vendors, sellers, and creators to follow the labeling rules for the kratom product they are going to sell.
  3. The act prohibits the selling of specific kratom products.
  4. The violator will face penalties.
  5. The kratom production should follow an appropriate registration.
  6. To follow the standard of the Department of Agriculture and Food for the production and distribution of kratom.

The American Kratom Association proves to be a credible body with the help of this act. The kratom consumers get this feeling that they are not using contaminated kratom products. The state of Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and Georgia has passed the act.

Moreover, this act is also critically making sure that Indonesia continues to produce kratom at a more substantial level. If they ever cut the supply chain, the vendors and users will be affected immensely.

Increasing The Safe Usage Of The Kratom

The American Kratom Association makes sure that users get their hands on pure kratom, which is safe to use. They represent the concern of their loyal customers, although they may not know whether AKA exists or not!

With every passing year, people are using kratom in a much safer way. Do you know how?

The credit goes to the educational resources, advocacy, and support that the American Kratom Association has provided at the baseline level. The AKA strives to expand the safe use of kratom in other countries, and it will soon be a reality.

The Kratom Enthusiasts Helped Eradicating The Ban

The American Kratom Association did not leave any stone unturned to protect kratom and make it a safer option for its devoted customers.

It could not happen without the endless support from kratom enthusiasts. The loyal user helped AKA to win the judicial conquests in various areas of America.

The vendors raised a considerable amount of funds to run multiple projects. Some of these were to conduct researches on kratom, while others were related to visiting Indonesia.

They also supported the promotion of contracts against protecting kratom trades, and AKA appreciates its consumers and vendors wholeheartedly.

Final Thoughts

The American Kratom Association has protected the identity of kratom herb, and it has been through never-ending struggles. The Kratom enthusiasts stayed side-by-side and supported the AKA no matter what.

The ban against kratom was impossible to pull off without the support of its loyal consumers.