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Riau Red Vein Kratom Capsule

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Want to spice up your Kratom game by trying something new? Our Red Riau Kratom capsules ought to do the trick!

One of the latest strains in the market, even the most seasoned Kratom users haven’t had the chance to try this spanking new strain.

While it is difficult to get your hands on pure and original Red Riau for sale, with Authentic Kratom, you don’t need to worry anymore. Our team has put their might and main to bring it to the table and help you shop online.

  • 100% Natural and Pure Red Riau Kratom
  •  cGMP-compliant Manufacturing
  • Purity and Safety Verified By Independent Lab Testing
  • Balanced Alkaloid Structure
  • Halal and Kosher Certified
  • Free Delivery  
  • Between 500mg - 600mg Powder in Each Capsule

An Intriguing Origin 

Riau is a famous Indonesian province on the central-eastern coast of Sumatra, the country's largest Island. The region bounded by the Strait of Malacca is known for its rich scenic beauty comprising rivers, forests and palm oil plantations. And that’s where this Kratom hails from. 

This strain was only recently discovered and is still fairly new, making it quite a rare commodity in the Kratom market. Some believe that this strain is the same as Sumatra- sold with a different name now. Whatever the reason might be, there is no denying that the market of Red Riau has grown ten folds ever since it was discovered. It has wreaked havoc in the Kratom world, and for all the right reasons. 

The strain is revered far and wide for its pharmaceutical properties. However, the use can be traced back to the ancient Indonesian culture and religious rituals. It was strongly believed that the Red Riau Kratom has mystical powers to ward off and mitigate everyday problems.

So, yeah, what you will shop online and get your hands on is quite literally an age-old, magical concoction. How cool is that?

Very few online vendors currently sell it, and fortunately for you, Authentic Kratom happens to be one of them. So reach out to us now to order online this incredible mystical strain!

A Balance In Red 

Like other Red Kratom strains, Red Riau is known for its exceptional relieving properties. It guarantees a perfect blend of relaxation and sedation to keep your jittery nerves calm throughout the day.

Wondering what is so special or unique about it? While Red Riau shares some characteristics with other red strains, it is unique in how balanced the impact is. It has extremely well-rounded, balanced alkaloid levels that produce moderate effects instead of an intense sedation and numbness.

Wave Your Worries Away

If you are someone who struggles with anxious and intrusive thoughts throughout the day, then the Red Riau strain is your best companion. It puts a determined fight against anxiety, jittery nerves and discomfort, which explains why it enjoys an all-time high demand. And of course, how can we not mention its amazing sleep aid properties? So whether you are a night-time zombie or someone who struggles to fall into a deep sleep, Red Vein Riau Kratom capsules can be a great addition to your life.

As for the cherry on top, this strain offers moderate, balanced effects, so it allows you to feel relaxed and calm without numbing your brain entirely. Thanks to its mild impact, newbies can also give these Halal and Kosher Certified Riau Capsules a try without any doubts or fear.

So, seize this opportunity before it is too late. Add these great capsules to your wish-list. Place your order now. And have the time of your life.

More Information
Strain Color Red
Manufacturer Authentic Kratom®
LabTest Lot 5320073459621
LabTest Mitragynine 1.0%
LabTest 7-Hydroximitragynine <0.04
LabTest Salmonella Pass
LabTest Ecoli Pass

All our kratom products are ethically sourced, meticulously selected from different region of Indonesia, and Thailand, and fairly traded to ensure farmers & factory workers are paid fairly.

Authentic Kratom® is a cGMP compliant & approved vendor of American Kratom Association. A portion of every purchase from our store is donated to American Kratom Association (AKA) on a monthly basis.

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Lot #: 5320073459621
Mitragynine: 1.0%
7-Hydroximitragynine: <0.04
Salmonella: Pass
Ecoli: Pass
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