Super Speciosa Powder | What Is Super Speciosa Powder?

Where to start with the exotic Super Speciosa Powder? Well, if you wish to kick your coffee/tea cravings or long to de-stress and relax after an exhausting day at work, then look no further!

Super Speciosa Powder is a perfect herbal remedy that takes a beating. What Is Super Speciosa Powder?

Hailing from Southeast Asia, the Speciosa is extracted from the evergreen tropical trees of the Mitragyna (more commonly referred to as the Kratom tree).

The tree holds immense traditional as well as the rapeutic significance in its native regions, where the locals have invented ways to incorporate it into their everyday cultural and religious rituals for centuries.

Today, it has swooned to become a big hit throughout the globe among natural wellness seekers for its stimulating as well as soothing impact!

Salient Features

Buy super quality Speciosa Powder from Authentic Kratom and here is what you get to enjoy:

  • All-Natural, Organic Farming
  • Pure, Plant-based Ingredients
  • Irresistible Flavour and Aroma
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Company Profile At A Glance

Authentic Kratom

Authentic Kratom is a well-established online store offering the world's premier line of family-friendly Speciosa products. Our expert knowledge and devotion to succeed has enabled us to craft the most affordable Speciosa selection- to lend everyone with any financial budget an opportunity to purchase the most sought after speciosa genetics.

We have been consistently featured in several magazines, sites, and blogs- much to the credit of the founders' profound vision and the team's relentless hard work.

As we enter into 2020, we endeavor to expand our reach and serve more Speciosa enthusiasts across the globe.

Authentic Kratom Vs Other Suppliers

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Following we have highlighted all the reasons why one must prioritize shopping from Authentic:

1) Unbeatable Prices

Merging quality with affordable pricing is our specialty. Be it a rare speciosa breed or the one most in-demand, we have set the most competitive rates in the entire industry. Not only that, but we also offer amazing discounts year-round to which our promise of safety and efficacy applies nonetheless.

2) Hands-Down Quality

Each step of the process is meticulously inspected and validated for purity, consistency, and accuracy through elaborate quality control checks. Every batch is then sent for testing in top-tier independent labs to detect the presence of any contaminants, adulterants, or impurities.

Guess what? This isn't enough! All Speciosa strains are backed by a full money-back guarantee, which again reflects our confidence in the products.

3) Diverse Portfolio

Searching for a strain unable to find elsewhere? Find and purchase from Authentic.

Our catalog boasts an unrivalled Super Speciosa collection available anywhere- thanks to the unceasing efforts of our veteran farmers, research scientists, and expert workers who have honed and mastered the art of production over the years.

4) Organic Sourcing

Our pursuit of supplying the world's highest quality Speciosa Powder has taken us from United States to South Asia and beyond. In our quest to contribute to a better planet, we ensure that our trusted farmers employ 100% organic practices- right when the seeds are sown until the final product is ready to roll out.

There are absolutely no nasty pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or synthetic ingredients added. The nutrient-rich soil and the climate of the source country, alone, render favorable conditions for optimum growth.

5) Hassle-Free Ordering Process

Are you over-whelmed after multiple failed attempts to place an order with another seller? Is the ordering and payment procedure mind-boggling enough to give you shivers down the spine? No worries.

Our easy-to-navigate website is here at the service of the Kratom community. Our fully interactive site has made the entire process a breeze- from selecting the best Speciosa Super powder, to placing an order and paying how you like.

Our Super Speciosa Powder Catalogue

Kratom Powder

Your Wish Is Our Command!

Whether you're a beginner or a connoisseur, you can find the best Speciosa and more right here. Our collection has expanded with our ever-growing customer base. Now, you can buy all the following four premium Speciosa Strains from our fully-loaded site:

  1. Red Vein Speciosa Powder
  2. White Vein Speciosa Powder
  3. Green Vein Speciosa Powder
  4. Yellow or Gold Vein Speciosa Powder

Within these four categories, lie other varieties listed below.

  • Maeng Da
  • Indo
  • Bali
  • Malay or Malaysian
  • Thai
  • Borneo
  • Sulawesi
  • Sumatra
  • Bentuangie
  • Hulu
  • Horn
  • Sandai
  • Elephant
  • Kapuas
  • Dragon
  • Ketapang
  • Kalimantan or Kali
  • Banjar

Our Manufacturing Process For Super Speciosa Powder

While there are rampant discrepancies in the Standard Operating Procedures in the Speciosa Industry, Authentic Kratom has taken the lead of revolutionizing and raising the quality control bar.

The company takes pride in its intricate 7 Step GMP-compliant Manufacturing Process that helps our products outshine from our competitors:

  1. First and foremost, we ensure that our established network of experienced farmers in Southeast Asia sticks to organic and sustainable cultivation techniques- following all the guidelines set by the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).
  2. Only the most mature trees are harvested, and their leaves hand-picked at the peak of ripeness to deliver a perfect heath balance. Next, these are de-veined, de-stemmed, and triple-sterilized by discerning plantation workers.
  3. The batch is carefully examined, and all the rotten, dead and wilted leaves are discarded. The rest are then dried in the open-air greenhouse to concentrate the potency and pungency even more.
  4. The leaves are micro-grinded into a fine granular powder using eco-friendly equipment.
  5. A second quality check is rigorously executed by our team of research scientists and medical doctors.
  6. The powder is packaged in specially-designed padded and discreet envelopes in state-of-the-art facilities with hygiene-conscious gear.
  7. Each batch is sent for testing in accredited, Third-party labs to establish their safety and integrity and a Certificate of Analysis and Quality Assurance is attached.

Ways To Use Super Superior Speciosa

After all the information, now you must be wondering how to actually consume the Speciosa powder? Well, there are several ways one can add it to their daily routine.

A quick and convenient way is to directly toss it with water, or add it to a beverage, shake, flavored yogurt, or a meal of your choice. However, a more preferred and efficient approach to take advantage of the health benefits is to brew a refreshing cup of Speciosa Tea.

Just boil the powder for 30 minutes, filter out the leaf residue with a strainer, add a flavor enhancer or a sweetener (like lemon, honey, sugar or apple cider vinegar), and indulge in the pure pleasure!

Final Verdict About Super Speciosa Powder

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