Cold Brew Kratom Tea

If you're a fan of kratom, you know that making the perfect cup of tea is essential to getting the most out of the experience. However, if you're looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite herb, why not try cold brewing it? 

In this blog post, we'll show you how to make cold-brew kratom and share some tips on how to get the most out of it. Enjoy!

Enjoy Your Kratom Tea!

Cold brew kratom tea is better than other consumption ways for several reasons. First, kratom tea is more potent because the alkaloids are more bioavailable in tea form

Second, kratom tea is less likely to cause stomach upset because the tannins present in the leaves are not soluble in water. Finally, cold brew kratom tea has a longer shelf life than other consumption ways due to its lower moisture content.

Cold brew kratom tea is also easier to prepare. Simply simmer the leaves in hot water for 5-10 minutes and then strain. This quick and easy preparation makes kratom tea ideal for those who do not have time to prepare more complicated forms of kratom such as capsules or extracts. 

Kratom tea can also be flavored with other herbs or fruits to make it more palatable. This is not possible with other kratom products.

Overall, kratom tea is a superior product to other kratom products due to its increased potency, ease of preparation, and longer shelf life. It is the ideal choice for those looking for the most benefits from their kratom.

How to cold brew kratom - a complete guide How to cold brew kratom - a complete guide
How to cold brew kratom - a complete guide

How to Make Cold Brew Kratom- Step by Step

There are simply two ways to make cold-brew kratom tea:

Option 1:

To make your own kratom tea concentrate, just brew 5-10 grams in a large batch. For best results add the bags to 2-3 cups of water and simmer for 40 minutes or until most of it has evaporated; then you can store any extra portion refrigerated for up to five days before use (but don't leave it too long).

Option 2:

Making a traditional kratom cold brew is as easy and simple. The first thing you need to do is add your normal serving size (about 1 cup) with water into an empty mason jar then add half a lemon worth of juice from any dish or recipe that calls for lemons in addition; next place this all inside the fridge where they'll stay fresh for 12-48 hours before removing their delicious flavor infused tea!

The Key Point: Fresh Kratom Leaves

The process for using kratom in a certain form is not set in stone. Some recipes might suggest powder, while others may advise using crushed leaves and it can be tough to find fresh quality mitragyna trees as the source of this tree lies more than halfway across our world! 

If you do get your hands on some high-class Mitragyna leaves though; make sure that when heating them up by simmering at maximum flame but not enough to burn these precious emerging buds' essence from being wasted!

To make a delicious and soothing tea, first, you need to stir the leaves in water. Let this simmer for half an hour so that it reduces down almost into halves but try not to let it boil!

Once done straining out any bits using a kitchen towel or stringently drying them on the top stove before storing them away properly- you are ready to enjoy one tasty mouthful (or more) with no guilt attached because these are raw ingredients only after all…

Best Strains for Cold Brew Kratom Tea

If you're a fan of cold brew coffee, then you'll love cold brew kratom tea. Cold brew is a method of preparing tea that involves steeping the leaves in cold water for an extended period. This results in a smoother, less bitter beverage that is perfect for sipping on hot summer days.

There are many different strains of kratom, and not all of them are well suited for cold brewing. Some varieties tend to be more bitter when brewed cold, while others can lose some of their potency. To get the most out of your cold brew kratom tea, choosing the right strain is important.

Here are some of the best strains for cold brew kratom tea:

1.Maeng Da

This is one of the most popular kratom strains for cold brewing. Maeng Da produces a smooth, well-rounded tea that is perfect for sipping.

2. Bali

Bali kratom is another excellent choice for cold brew tea. It has a slightly sweeter flavor than Maeng Da and is less likely to cause bitterness.

3. Borneo 

Borneo kratom is a good option if you're looking for a more potent tea. It has a strong flavor that some people find too intense for cold brewing, but it can be worth it if you want a stronger cup of tea.

4. Thai 

Thai kratom is similar to Maeng Da in terms of taste and potency. It's a good all-around choice for cold brew kratom tea.

5. Malay 

Malay kratom is a good choice if you want a sweeter, more aromatic tea. It's also one of the more potent strains, so it's perfect if you're looking for a strong cup of tea.


No matter which strains you choose, make sure to follow the instructions on how to cold brew kratom tea. If you steep the leaves for too long, you may end up with a bitter beverage. If you don't drown them long enough, the tea will be weak and ineffective.

Experiment with different brewing times and strains to find your perfect cup of cold brew kratom tea. Take a look at our wide range of kratom strains. Cheers!