Can You Get Sick From Kratom

Kratom's excessive use and demand are difficult to ignore, and this won't be wrong to assume that Kratom will be known more in the coming world. Its medical efficacy will open doors for its utilization. Legitimation of Kratom will help researchers gain more about its beneficial outcome but at the same time, kratom has the potential for abuse and dependency that’s something not many people are aware of initially, being dependent can lead to withdrawal symptoms and is capable to alter your body’s physiology at a given instance. A large dose has an immediate impact on the behavior and ultimately displays side effects that are collectively termed as “kratom sickness.”

If you are someone experiencing such weird symptoms after consuming kratom then you have come to the right place. Keep reading, here we will discuss what kratom sickness actually is and its prevention.

Signs and symptoms of kratom sickness

As mentioned above, Kratom sickness is the altered physiological response of the body after kratom consumption, displaying its toxic effect on various organs and symptoms mainly depending on the affected organ. Research and studies have combined the set of various symptoms associated with all the organs affected as a consequence of kratom’s side effects.

Some people who use kratom frequently have reported mild side effects, such as nausea, constipation, dizziness and drowsiness. Physicians have reported seeing patients with a wide range of very infrequent but serious adverse effects associated with kratom exposure—which affects the liver, brain and heart. Researchers continue to study potential lethal effects on humans, and animal models.

Factors causing Kratom sickness

When Kratom is taken more than usual or excessively, the high consumption of Mitragyna leads to side effects like lightheadedness, nausea-like feelings, overwhelming tiredness, and exhaustion.

You may notice these symptoms after a few hours of ingesting higher doses or after frequently taking Kratom on an empty stomach. You may also experience these effects if you even take moderate kratom doses. You must be wondering why? That is because of your unawareness of what dose will be ideal to feel its effects. 

A low dose is preferred initially to know your body's response to Kratom and which dose suits you the best. So, kick start with mini doses to be at the safer end from hangover over effect and kratom sickness.Kratom, alone taken in a conservative dose, is less likely to cause adverse effects.

Factors enlisted are said to be the culprit causing kratom sickness.

1. Kratom overdose

Overdosing is the most common reason that results in kratom sickness. Kratom overdose leads to pivotal side effects because alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine, enter your body bulk. Your body is holding vigorous quantities and cannot detoxify the toxic contents. To be at the safer end, you should NOT consume such high doses that challenge your body.

2. Kratom and Alcohol

Many people like taking Kratom and alcohol together. Kratom sickness is not common in combining minor doses of Kratom and alcohol. When you take them in higher doses, there are high chances of submitting yourself to kratom sickness or hangover effect.

Hence, it is recommended NOT to combine Kratom and alcohol in higher doses.

3. Kratom on an empty stomach

Many people have reported nausea and headaches after taking Kratom on an empty stomach, which stems from the physiological fact that Kratom is water-absorbent and will suck all the residual nutrients from an empty stomach leaving you to feel lethargic.

4. Substandard Kratom 

If you have not purchased Kratom from a trustworthy and certified vendor with authentic reports as evidence, you have consumed low-quality Kratom. These products have impurities and may cause sickness. Better to look out for the vendor before planning a purchase. Caution is better than cure.

5. Mixing two sedative strain

Sedative strains can produce kratom sickness, especially in higher doses, and mixing two sedative strains will cause a high-pitched but unpredictable effect. So be wise, and NEVER set out such trials.

Although you can combine a potent soothing strain with a dynamizing one to get the benefit of both, mixing two sedative strains may be precarious to your health.

Is your dose problematic?

Vulnerability can occur when a person uses a substance frequently, and the body adapts to the presence of the drug. They use it to feel jubilant and functional and can experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking it. On the other hand, Addiction means that a person irresistibly consumes a substance despite its adverse effects on his body.

Kratom can cause various effects on the body. The outcomes vary depending on the strength, potency, product formulation, utilization and simultaneous substance use, any underlying medical conditions, and previous experience with Kratom. A kratom usually takes effect within five to 10 minutes after taking the substance, and this gleeful sensation can last from two to five hours. However, the duration of kratom’s effects varies depending on how large a dose you have taken, with larger doses lasting longer than smaller ones.Two of the main active components of kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The half-lives of these chemicals are about three hours, meaning that this amount of time is taken by the body to eradicate the consumed dose from its system.

The effects of these substances can still be felt after this period, but the sensation will begin to decrease after about three hours.

In spite of that, it should be noted that in people who take kratom on a long standing basis, the half-life is about one day. Therefore, it’s also important to note that Kratom can have unforeseeable effects, as products can vary widely, and some products may contain a toxin that can produce other side effects. 

Check on quality and quantity will help you determine the fate of its consequence on the body. If you encounter repeated hangovers after your kratom use and can't function the following day, you should rethink the consumption of your dose. If you can't stop using it, reach out for professional help.

Experience of Kratom users:

A user on the internet once shared her experience with kratom sickness, saying that I've never experienced a hangover after taking Kratom. However, this morning I feel awful. I'm tired, my brain is dull, and I've had a headache since I was partying all night. It is getting worse as the day progresses. It wasn't too bad initially. Now, it's like full-blown brain fog. I felt pretty tired and went to bed early to avoid the sickness, maybe because I took more than my usual dose. It was over two hours. I ate food too. So it wasn't on an empty stomach.

In her post, many other comments helped us view kratom sickness in-depth. Her friend stated about her experience that she feels similar after mixing alcohol with Kratom, even a slight amount of alcohol. The feeling is more reminiscent of an alcohol hangover, feeling dehydrated. She mentioned that she has never experienced kratom sickness after using Kratom alone.

Steps to overcome kratom sickness

The conclusion of the discussion comes down to the part where kratom sickness is closely associated with its dosage. Therefore, to overcome the sickness that has already occured, we have to learn how to tackle the consequences of a possible overdose.

 Steps and measures that have helped many users battling kratom sickness are:

  1) Take Enough sleep

Taking adequate sleep can be beneficial and help with managing the outcomes. So try to get into your bed and let go of the symptoms.

  2) Consume a lot of water 

Consuming water is another way out! Kratom tends to cause dehydration. Drinking water in a modest amount will not only deal with dehydration but helps with the quick elimination of Kratom from your system.

  3) Anti-nausea pills or Ginger tea

Ginger is a natural spice that's known for settling stomachs. Crush it up and add a little to your Kratom when washing or brewing tea. The flavor is a tad spicy but tastes way better than powdered Kratom.

  4) Food rich in probiotics

Taking food with probiotics has helped many combat nausea and dizziness. 

  5) Indulge in Activities

Many people go after the power of distraction. They indulge in activities like watching a movie, watering plants, and calling a friend, which has benefited many. Mild exercise, such as taking a walk, stretching, or some other gentle activity, can sometimes bring down the effects of a hangover.

How to prevent kratom sickness?

Nipping the bud from its bed is only possible if careful and keen intake practice is preferred. Avoiding excessive intake and use will provide the best and most beneficial results without mutilating your health. Control the amount of the drug you consume to reduce the intake. Be assured of Kratom's purity and authenticity. The product must be free of toxic substances.

Some users report that certain strains of Kratom are more likely to produce sickness than others. You can try to consume songs that are associated with fewer adverse effects.

Final verdict

Ignorance is bliss, but as many users remain ignorant of kratom abuse, beneficial outcomes may get less than blissful if kratom abuse continues unabated. We hope this article sheds light on the under-recognized consumption of under-regulated substances like Kratom. Expectantly, research and studies will soon demonstrate the beneficial outcomes and medical uses of Kratoms and their potential effects. Until then, conscious control and regulated dose will help you gain the benefit without facing any uneventful circumstances.