Best Kratom Strains Of All Time For 2022

Every one of us has unique physiological factors that require individual attention, and it’s a real challenge of finding the best kratom strain! Before you start exploring Mitragyna Speciosa, you have to understand your needs. What form of a natural kratom are you looking for? What kind of issues are there? Once you understand what you need to improve, you can learn about the various Mitragyna types to find the most suitable one!

Moreover, if you are going to try kratom for the very first time, you need to choose a strain that your body can accept. Quality, freshness, and an alkaloid-rich strain is all you need for a good start of the day!

Still confused? No problem!

Here we can guide you through to find the best kratom strain for beginners.

How To Pick The Right Kratom Strain

Mitragyna is a native tree of the Southeast Asian region. The kratom products available in the market today contain the dried and ground leaves having a certain percentage of alkaloids. Thanks to innovation, we have a variety of kratom products to choose from! While a regular user will love a range of products — potential users might feel overwhelmed by it.

Understand The Various Types Of Kratom Strains

Read about Mitragyna and its various types to understand the substance. Just like people of every region have a few physical properties due to climate and geography, ketum plants also have multiple properties owing to the origin. what are the best kratom strains

A Mitragyna tree in Bali islands will have a certain alkaloid content, along with other components being in a specific proportion. The hot, humid weather and soil of every place impacts the properties of Kratom growing there. Besides, the colour of the leaf vein also affects these properties.

Determine Alkaloids Levels

Now, when you are new to this substance, it is better to choose a milder variety. Any ketum type that has a lower alkaloid content will be most suitable for you. As discussed above, every place has an impact on the potency of alkaloids and other components. Ask your vendors about the lab test report of the recently imported kratom and find out what percentage of alkaloids content inside. It is very important to know about kratom alkaloids.

Measure Accurate Dosage

By far, an essential factor in terms of effects and results is the right amount of kratom. If you maintain the correct dose of this substance, the results will be favourable. Beginners must ensure that they start with a small amount. Everybody is not the same, and therefore you cannot follow the dosage that your friend follows! You need to understand how kratom impacts you and then you need to adjust according to your physiological needs.

Ensure The Quality Before Purchase

People must pick only fresh and potent kratom products. The quality of Kratom can be assessed by the raw materials, purity of ketum, method of manufacturing, and the laboratory tests. If your vendor shares all this information, it testifies the quality of Mitragyna products that they offer. Sound quality will always bring good results, while stale or expired ketum products may be contaminated, which translates into trouble.


Figure Out The Best Way Of Use

Kratom is used in many ways. You can take a spoonful of it with water to wash and toss the substance and see quick results. You can even rely on pre-measured pills and tablets. Or if you like the soothing warmth of kratom tea, that should be your choice! Extracts, tinctures and using kratom powder in edibles are all ways that can be a personal choice!

5 Best Kratom Strains For Beginners & Regular Users

The wide choice of Mitragyna strains has something for everyone! If you are going to try for the first time, don’t overthink and start right away! Here are a few of the best kratom strains that are preferred for beginners.

1. Bentuangie Kratom

While the origin of this strain is still unknown, the strain’s refreshing effects are known to all! Red, green, and white vein colour variations have unique properties which make it a mild, yet practical choice for beginners.

Authentic Kratom offers the most excellent selection of Bentuangie strains at the most affordable price. Beginners are often curious about the time that this organic substance takes to show results.

However, when sound quality kratom is used, the results are always as desired! Bentuangie kratom is mild and impactful and many users share their first experiences, which demonstrate the efficacy and energizing impact of this strain

2. Sulawesi Kratom

This kratom variation is from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The alkaloid content of Sulawesi ketum is moderate, which means that it is ideal for new users. Any beginner can try this variation to see what it has to offer to them!

Authentic Sulawesi strains are made with care, to deliver all the benefits of alkaloids to users. The only hard choice is the selection of powder, capsules or other products. Whichever you choose, will invigorate and stimulate you positively.

3. Riau Kratom

There are many types of kratom, which have become synonymous with Mitragyna. Many might be very popular among users, but some strains take center stage due to their impact and refreshing effects.

Riau kratom, a new entry in the ketum market, is not only stimulating but has a distinctive alkaloid profile.

Authentic Kratom introduced this unique strain in the United States in 2020. Since then, it has gathered a lot of fame due to its unique properties. Riau variation of Mitragyna possesses the attributes of Indo and Sumatra Kratom, which enhance its efficacy.

Before trying out this exotic strain, you can read about its origin and properties, and we are sure you will enjoy knowing about it as much as you will love trying it!

Riau region in Sumatra is the homeland of this potent and stimulating Mitragyna strain. The deep rainforests of Riau along the coast of Malacca bear mature, all-natural kratom farms. Expert farmers pick the juicy young leaves for grounding the kratom in powder form.

The finely ground powder can be used for a soothing tea or a refreshing smoothie! You are free to use our products in all ways!

You can buy this unique strain for as little as $10! The price goes up to $105 for 10oz, which can last more than a month. Our laboratory-tested Riau kratom is free from fillers and contaminants. The third-party testing for impurities and heavy metals is our testimony that you will get the best.

4. Aceh Kratom

Aceh Kratom is a lesser-known strain, but it has the qualities of becoming a favorite for beginners.

We call Aceh Kratom the trendy strain. This definition sums up the stimulating strain from the highly elevated sun-ripened farms in the forests of Aceh province in Indonesia.

This potent and energetic strain is active, and you will also start following the trend of Aceh once you order from Authentic Kratom! The tropical climate of Aceh adds to the alkaloid profile of this strain, and it has the potential of becoming a best-seller.

Authentic Kratom has introduced several unique ketum strains in the United States. You don’t need to look elsewhere when you can find powerful, and fresh kratom varieties at the online shop!

We offer quality products at reasonable prices without adding any fillers or organic substances to reduce cost and gain profits. You get only 100% pure alkaloid-rich Kratom from our shelves.

Top Kratom Strain For Regular Users

People who use Kratom regularly have nothing but praise for this substance! From red vein, ketum to yellow and gold blends of various kratom types are appreciated for their impactful effects. Many potential users choose the same strain for their monthly feed.

Some of you might even want to try new strains to see how they impact and what they can offer. Once you decide upon the Mitragyna strain that you want to try, ordering and enjoying is easy!

You can find numerous ketum strains at Authentic Kratom, and you will love the options of powder, capsules, extracts and other ketum products. If you want to try any potent strain, then pick Elephant kratom from our shelves and enjoy the results.

5. Elephant Kratom

The ears of elephants are large and sloppy. This is how some kratom trees have big leaves to make this unique variation! You can always expect only the freshest and purest kratom products on our shelves. The alkaloid-rich juicy leaves of mature kratom trees are processed to perfection, and so you can enjoy the unique alkaloid profile to make the most of your day. Elephant kratom is from larger leaves, which makes it more fun!

Elephant kratom is suitable for all users, and beginners can enjoy this strain as much as regular users do. The laboratory-tested ketum powder is silky smooth and can be consumed in various ways. A warm cup of tea or a spoonful of Elephant kratom with water to toss and wash-all methods are thrilling.

Red, green, and white vein kratom variations have their distinct properties, and if you blend all three of them, it will invigorate you in every way. Our regular users like Elephant kratom and they always return for more. Quality, freshness, and an alkaloid-rich strain is all you need for a good start of the day!